What the Deuce

Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat
Goorin Brothers Heritage County Line Hat
Banana Republic Faux-Leather Trim Cable Knit Pullover
Banana Republic Coated Trill Skinny Ankle Pants (See similar below)
J Crew Aggie Suede Booties (See similar)
Banana Republic Bar Necklace
Banana Republic Matchstick Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Mini Gold Stud Earrings
Danier Black Leather Handbag
Zara Scarf

The thing about about working a 9 to 5 is that you barely get any time to plan or coordinate a decent time to shoot! Let alone…get home, have the will power and strength want to jump on the computer again to write…after spending the entire day at one. I guess that’s a conflict that I’ll be facing but hopefully overcoming soon. I still don’t regret it though… and since the holidays are rolling in breaks and vacations are in order!!

Two days ago, I met up with my girlfriend Therese of Artiese Studios and photographer Derek Hui for a quick impromptu shooting session and lunch at Babur on Queen St. W. Here, we got together to discuss the pros and cons for Canon and Nikon cameras and did a few test shots. (Therese may or may not convert to the dark side… that being Nikon, hehe.) I suppose, here I also learnt that the best time to shoot during our Canadian winters with my schedule..is at noon if you’re looking to shoot in natural lighting.

On another note, you folks might be wondering why is this post titled ‘What the Deuce..’ Right??? It’s actually a homage to the Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and his famous exclamation he almost always utters. No, I’m actually kidding, but that is what he usually says.

MAISON MICHEL Virginie Felt Hat


If you guys have been following my Instagram, I’ve been hinting about getting a Maison Michel-inspired hat for a much more cost-effect price! I’ve been a long time follower of Maison Michel and Janessa Leone‘s designs and couldn’t help but want to own one myself. *Inserts hat obsession* A basic black fedora is something you can wear all year round, and practically forever. Why not invest in creating THE one? The likelihood of passing it down is completely possible too, as long as you take care of it! After countless long searches for places in Toronto that customize hats, I’ve found out Goorin Brothers (just on Queen St. too!) can do the job. May it be with feathers, pins or pinches– in my case for a Deuce Trace! A Deuce Trace is a type of pinch on the hat– created by using merely steam and pinching on the hat. Inspired by this hat‘s pinch, I went on into a deep investigation to make it possible for my hat dreams to come true. Since I’ve only bought the hat at its’ primary stage with only the pinch done, I’ll be writing a separate post to showcase the on-going production and process of customizing my entire hat– including where to look for quality leather trims or bands and hunting for the perfect vintage pins. I’m also going to throw in the idea of getting a custom gold-plated pin, with my monogram engraved… I hope you guys are excited as I am about doing this! Because I’m more than happy as a clam thinking about it right now.

Photos by Artiese Studios

What is your must-have item that you see yourself wearing forever?
Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’d love to know!
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