Suede For Me


Club Monaco Elizabina Silk Top 
Banana Republic Suede Mini Skirt via Kind Exchange (Similar here and here)
Thrifted Black Gold-studded Leather Belt via Black Market
Thrifted Vintage Coach Brown Leather Cross Body
J. Crew Hammered Choker Necklace (Similar here too)
Zara Aztec Woven Ankle Strap Wide Heel Sandals

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Here’s my attempt for a desert-Coachella-LA-vibes-western kind of look.
A combination inspired by WhoWoreWhat’s Danielle Bernstein and Lust for Life’s Olivia Lopez.

To further explore and take my art directing up a notch, I decided to change up my visual style to curate more interesting stories for my readers to see other than my usually expected whimsical and overexposed lit posts. Because change is good right? Or should I say variety.

This outfit was shot at Toronto’s Allen Gardens. Since the winter of last year I wanted to shoot at this location for a while but decided to wait until spring’s warm weather rolled in. I thought to myself… what area in Toronto would make the closest resemblance to California’s hot landscape? Or it went more like: where can I find a few palm trees? Even a bunch of Monstera leaves would do as well. In the end, a room full of cactuses was found at the green house and that seemed to do more for me than palm trees.

I currently have a mild obsession with cognac-coloured suede at the moment and have been trolling the internet slash lurking through countless vintage stores for brown suede pieces for a couple of months now. Next on the list… if possible.. would be to find a fringe suede jacket that actually doesn’t give me gigantic football shoulders. While on my search for a girlfriend’s birthday gift I was lucky to have found a Banana Republic suede mini skirt from the Kind Exchange, a consignment store on Queen Street for $30. Don’t you love it when you’re looking for someones gift but end up coming out with 3+ items for yourself? Regardless, this was a way better price for a real suede skirt compared to buying from Zara. (No hate– that was actually going to be my last resort.) 

Below, I attached some music by Alina Baraz to compliment the photos photographed from above. Hope you guys can see the Tumblr image x  Majestic Casual vibe here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dennis since it’s his birthday today. 
Happy birthday buddy!

Photographed by: Dennis Grishnin aka Mandala Beats

Speaking of Coachella the music festival… what’s your opinion on the trends showcased at music festivals?
Q: Is it just me or do you find that the outfits of today’s festival-goers are ignorantly using statement pieces from certain cultures? (i.e. headdresses and bindi gems.)

Let me know what you think in your comments below! x


Shimmer Chic

Alice + Olivia Sequin Dress (Found at Value Village!!)
Forever 21 Collarless Faux Fur Jacket (See similar here.)

J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps
J Crew Gold Drop Earrings
Banana Republic Gold Link Chain Necklace (See similar here.)
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (Used as a clutch)

So you guys have a few hours before you start celebrating the start of 2015. Here’s my last minute scramble of a NYE outfit. Many thanks goes out to Anna for finding this stunning sequin dress by Alice + Olivia from Value Village. (Similar to Salvation Army.) Woo!

Thinking about New Years events always rings in old hollywood looks, glitzy pieces, and glamorous vibes for me. Just google ‘Great Gasby Daisy’ and you’ll get an idea of what I’m talking about. Unfortunately… not all of us are as lucky as Daisy Buchanan to own a blinding $200,000 headpiece from Tiffany’s. Celebrating new years eve can already be expensive enough, so why not take the cost-effective route for your outfit? I’ve brought in some big, fancy fur from Forever21, sizzling red lips, and lots of silver and gold. The lovely thing about new years is that you can step outside your comfort zone, throw on the most extravagant ensemble with as much bling as possible and get away with it completely. A great way to display all that sparkly bling you want to show off is to layer; for example your necklaces. Same goes with rings and bracelets. (You can give yourself an #armparty!) If you’re not into wearing so much jewelry because you don’t want to feel all that weight of the hardware, I strongly suggest finding a top or dress with a very ornate neckline, like the one in this post and putting on one statement necklace on top!

And that’s pretty much it! So take it easy, have some champagne but drink responsibly! Most importantly don’t forget your sparklers and to smile for all those lovely flash photos!

One more thing— darlings, this will be your bestest friend for any late evenings. I swear!

Every now and then I get asked by my parents– ‘What exactly is it that you do now?.’ And I struggle to figure out the right words to describe everything I currently do… a designer? A photographer who shoots here and there? A home-based blogger? I’m still in the midst of exploring my interest in UI/UX design, advertising and art direction…or editorial design. Which could potentially lead me to a fantastic ‘Lauren Conrad’ lifestyle and maybe my own reality tv series (just kidding). But no really, editorial design is still an option that could open me up to styling and fashion creative projects. But all in all, I only wish that there wasn’t so much pressure, especially on the kids that attend school to find exactly what your big time career should be. Being practical is a must, but getting hate for not having a ‘practical’ job is not good encouragement. My parents…sad but true, probably still don’t know what I’ve studied for four years in university, as I’ve heard them tell their friends, ‘Oh, she does fashion and arts’… when in reality, I’ve been a slave to the design– studying interactive, graphics, etc. and theory of design. PS. I have aggressively reminded them on an infinite number of times about what I do!

My new year’s resolution: I would like to try and pursue the things I like to do in my areas of interest, despite the judgment from my family and outsiders. I think one should be able to hold the freedom in their hands and begin to make decisions on their own to do what they love. Things will change over time– that’s exactly how I think people are able to grow, through their experience. And what kind of experience would it be without variety, as well as ups and downs?

I believe that the best of things will come to you when you work really hard– no matter the task. Here’s to the new year– bringing in love for you, your love ones, and love for yourself. Success will eventually come, but happiness for yourself should be your priority whatever is it that you’re doing. In this age, will are fortunate enough to create jobs for ourselves. That leaves plenty of room for the opportunities to do what you love and to further expand on that. As long as you can feel joy within all the hours of your day, including sleep, I believe that is where every human should be. xx

What are you doing/did to celebrate the last day of 2014?
Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’d love to know!
Until next time! And happy new years to you and yours! xx

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What the Deuce

Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat
Goorin Brothers Heritage County Line Hat
Banana Republic Faux-Leather Trim Cable Knit Pullover
Banana Republic Coated Trill Skinny Ankle Pants (See similar below)
J Crew Aggie Suede Booties (See similar)
Banana Republic Bar Necklace
Banana Republic Matchstick Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Mini Gold Stud Earrings
Danier Black Leather Handbag
Zara Scarf

The thing about about working a 9 to 5 is that you barely get any time to plan or coordinate a decent time to shoot! Let alone…get home, have the will power and strength want to jump on the computer again to write…after spending the entire day at one. I guess that’s a conflict that I’ll be facing but hopefully overcoming soon. I still don’t regret it though… and since the holidays are rolling in breaks and vacations are in order!!

Two days ago, I met up with my girlfriend Therese of Artiese Studios and photographer Derek Hui for a quick impromptu shooting session and lunch at Babur on Queen St. W. Here, we got together to discuss the pros and cons for Canon and Nikon cameras and did a few test shots. (Therese may or may not convert to the dark side… that being Nikon, hehe.) I suppose, here I also learnt that the best time to shoot during our Canadian winters with my at noon if you’re looking to shoot in natural lighting.

On another note, you folks might be wondering why is this post titled ‘What the Deuce..’ Right??? It’s actually a homage to the Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin and his famous exclamation he almost always utters. No, I’m actually kidding, but that is what he usually says.

MAISON MICHEL Virginie Felt Hat


If you guys have been following my Instagram, I’ve been hinting about getting a Maison Michel-inspired hat for a much more cost-effect price! I’ve been a long time follower of Maison Michel and Janessa Leone‘s designs and couldn’t help but want to own one myself. *Inserts hat obsession* A basic black fedora is something you can wear all year round, and practically forever. Why not invest in creating THE one? The likelihood of passing it down is completely possible too, as long as you take care of it! After countless long searches for places in Toronto that customize hats, I’ve found out Goorin Brothers (just on Queen St. too!) can do the job. May it be with feathers, pins or pinches– in my case for a Deuce Trace! A Deuce Trace is a type of pinch on the hat– created by using merely steam and pinching on the hat. Inspired by this hat‘s pinch, I went on into a deep investigation to make it possible for my hat dreams to come true. Since I’ve only bought the hat at its’ primary stage with only the pinch done, I’ll be writing a separate post to showcase the on-going production and process of customizing my entire hat– including where to look for quality leather trims or bands and hunting for the perfect vintage pins. I’m also going to throw in the idea of getting a custom gold-plated pin, with my monogram engraved… I hope you guys are excited as I am about doing this! Because I’m more than happy as a clam thinking about it right now.

Photos by Artiese Studios

What is your must-have item that you see yourself wearing forever?
Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I’d love to know!
Until next time! xx


Falling for You

Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat
Ann Taylor Navy Trim Burgundy Cardigan
Ann Taylor Petite Mixed Button Down Shirt
Thrifted Club Monaco Printed Pants c/o The Kind Exchange
Banana Republic Bar Necklace
Banana Republic Matchstick Stud Earrings
Danier Red Leather Crossbody (Used as a Clutch)
J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps

Hello people! I am indeed still alive!! I’m giving out apologies for the absence– although I was still very active on Instagram (…by my standards). The week that has just past, I’ve been working nine to six, attending World MasterCard Fashion Week during the evenings, and catching even later dinners with good friends. It’s been quite complicated in terms of staying consistent in updating content onto my blog, however I’ve still been photographing and working very hard to create the quality images and reviews I want to showcase in the next few days. During the spent time, I attempted to take all opportunities to try and tear my eyes away from social media and disconnect myself less from the internet, with the intent to fully engage myself in more stimulating conversations and activities. It’s ironic since this was my first time attending fashion week in Toronto and everything in and around it seem to wildly and vigorously involve being wired to social media.

Tackling work and craziness aside– can we just all appreciate the absolutely beautiful autumn season? The vibrant, lush colours, the crisp breeze, the sharp crunches, and the need to wear more cozy knits. Seeing all the photos from my stroll to High Park makes me think…’wow…I really need to get out more…a bike with a basket would totally be a bonus too.’  *Note to self: need to get on that.

Here’s my celebratory Autumn #OOTD. I’m pairing warm coloured pieces that seem like a good representation of my mood, and the weather. Plaid for the season, lady-like details to elevate, party pants to make it all less serious, and Crushed Plum lipstick from Bobby Brown to compliment the lips. I want to thank my close friend, Anna for surprising me with these wonderful pair of pants from The Kind Exchange. I almost forgot my love for unconventional and fun pants. Thankfully Mother Nature and Anna has encouraged me to dress up in colour again.

What are your favourite fall outfits?
Tell me about the pieces you’ve fallen for and why you chose to wear
them at this colourful time of the year! I’d love to hear from you.


Have a good week guys!!
Hasta la vista, baby. Until next time.

Treasure Box

Banana Republic Bar Necklace
Banana Republic Matchstick Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Sparkle Bar Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Mini Gold Stud Earrings
Vintage Bangles
Mom’s Vintage Seiko Watch

I’ve alway been obsessed with interior design. What probably seemed like the best part in being an interior designer would be the opportunities to create a collective of stories in each space. I too wanted my space to captivate my personality and display many of my memories and be somewhat of visual biography. To own a collection of phenomenal furniture and decor, I would highly recommend starting early and continue to collect as you live. Each piece will mean so much to you and eventually will become a supporting piece to the next new thing you bring home.

About two years ago, I had brought beach sand from my trip to San Diego as a souvenir. My genius idea at the time was to place all the sand, mixed with shells in a maison jar mixed as a homemade paperweight. Not that it wasn’t creative enough, but I didn’t go through with that idea. Here comes the official DIY. Eventually I found this keepsake, vintage glass box with brass edges. My idea of a homemade sandbox-inspired jewellery box struck me and I went ahead and sealed the inside edges with a glue gun; this would prevent sand from escaping. It clearly isn’t the most practical storage box, but it had personality, atheistically contained and cushioned my accessories, as well as stored my short-lived memories from the beach. But then again, I hang my necklaces on picture frames, and cool looking wine bottles. I often time myself collecting small vintage perfume bottles– these too can be placed in the glass box. Think of these bottles like little messenger bottles found washed up on the shore. Jokes. (For those who don’t know me, I don’t frequently visit the beach. For 1.) I live in Canada 2.) A decent beach is quite far from where I am. 3.) Lack of time and effort to go there. The summer that just past, not once did I go to the beach or pool!) I sound anti-social but I swear I’m not!

After these photos were taken, I ended up placing the dried rose petals inside the box as well. Adds some more contrast and colours. The beautiful part about these displayed rose petals were their origin. My mom would collect all the red roses gifted within the family. Every occasion was not to be missed: graduations, birthdays, valentine days, as well as christmas. My mom still collects and dries all the roses and displays them throughout our home.

Seriously though, sometimes I wish we had much more longer summers and more attractive, clean beaches in Toronto. If there are any worth mentioning, please feel free to recommend to me. PS. Toronto Fashion week is next week! Let me know if you’ll be attending!


I know owning too many accessories can be a pain…
So I want to know, how do you guys store your jewellry?

Comment below, or even share links. I’d love to hear from you! xx
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