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creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN
photography VINCENT KO in collaboration with MEJURI
“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t suppose to look nice; it was supposed to make you
feel something.”—Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park 


dress ARITZIA shoes ISABEL MARANT (here and here)





creative direction SERGE RUFFIEUX for CARVEN SS18
photography JACK DAVISON

Nook Goals



If you know me and my situation, I’m in the midst of bouncing around. I mean actually physically bouncing around with all my belongings like a little well-dressed gypsy. I’m looking for a permanent home and while I’m on the hunt, I’m moving around temporary homes while simultaneously getting my ducks in a row to prepare for this big move. With about 2.5 months to find, offer and officially purchase this perma-home… the time spent outside of work, freelance and blogging usually goes towards researching mortgages, real estate lawyers, sifting through MLS and Google Maps. When you find yourself in my situation, you’ll get what I’m saying right now. What all that being said and done– I try to compensate for all the heavy amounts of research and paperwork by rewarding myself with pinning pretty interior inspo via Pinterest. Talk about building so much hype for a space I don’t technically own yet! It’s okay though… the time will come soon enough!

Boring stuff aside. I’m a huge sucker for Scandinavian interior. All white space, yep. Playful textures, uhuh. Bold black accent pieces, you got it! The tiniest details in a vast amount of open, clean space just gets me every time. Something so peaceful yet interesting when your curiosity is piqued within such a space. Let me tell you… this will not be an easy or fast task to accomplish. One the areas in a home that’s a priority for me is a good working space slash to relax in your down time. The one place you can be with yourself and feel content as the same time. A.K.A. My nook. Within this post– you can have an idea what I’m aiming for… for my future nook. (I just can’t wait to welcome people into my future furnished home and openly say…. ‘And lastly…this is my nook.’ (Cue, ‘Ouuuu’s and Ahhhh’s.)

You know what they say… collect the pieces over time. That way when you create your space, it’s a genuine reflection and story from you. Every little accent or essential piece has sentimental or purposeful intention to be in your own home.

Q: What’s your must-have in your current or future nook?
Let me know in the comments below!

All Photos via Pinterest


Morning Glory


So let me tell you that the very first photo interior space photo from my stack of pins was designed by Catherine Kwong. She designed this 1899 Edwardian Home, inspired by a photo of Mick and Bianca Jagger (during their young and wild days in St. Tropez) How cool is that?
She calls it Rock n’ Roll meets Chic.

Today’s interior pinspiration is…inspired by one of my favourite contemporary artists, Lisa Madigan, and her Kaleidoscope collection featuring her piece called ‘Morning Glory.’ This morning I felt I had to share these wonderful Pinterest finds from my interior board since I have a hidden soft spot for interior and all things muted. Because just look at those greys, pinks and pinches of black! …and gold too. Oh how I also love mixing old regal retails to contemporary minimal spaces. My days of watching Debbie Travis and Martha Stewart probably lead me down this route. Here to me hoping one day I’ll be able to find and of course afford a large enough space to do all this decor work. Most likely not be in Toronto in this case.
(See below for the original painting)

Do check out her work when you get the chance. Especially her Sublimation collection (I will most likely report her work again on here for you guys to see how breathtaking it is and go more in depth with what I think her new collection is like.)

All photos are not mine. All found on Pinterest.

‘Morning Glory’ by Lisa Madigan

Dainty and Blocked


Here’s some web inspiration I plucked from my Pinterest boards.

1.) Albert by Caterina Bianchini
2.) Mappa di Ortigia by Studio Formagramma
3.) Sam Thies by Twofold Graphic & Web Design
4.) Minimal Mix by Liz Grant

All photos are not my own, c/o to the credited designers.

** Sneak Peek **
I’m excited to announce on this blog some little news. I’ve been taking part in a small fashion film project over that past couple of months as the art director for the short films and photography for the look book featuring Toronto-based designer Rani Kim and her FW15 menswear collection.
Alongside with director, Julie Hong and producer Claire Lee.

Below is a promotional newsletter I designed photographed.
Top cover photo was photographed by Claire and edited by yours truly.

Short Films COMING SOON!

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