Morning Glory


So let me tell you that the very first photo interior space photo from my stack of pins was designed by Catherine Kwong. She designed this 1899 Edwardian Home, inspired by a photo of Mick and Bianca Jagger (during their young and wild days in St. Tropez) How cool is that?
She calls it Rock n’ Roll meets Chic.

Today’s interior pinspiration is…inspired by one of my favourite contemporary artists, Lisa Madigan, and her Kaleidoscope collection featuring her piece called ‘Morning Glory.’ This morning I felt I had to share these wonderful Pinterest finds from my interior board since I have a hidden soft spot for interior and all things muted. Because just look at those greys, pinks and pinches of black! …and gold too. Oh how I also love mixing old regal retails to contemporary minimal spaces. My days of watching Debbie Travis and Martha Stewart probably lead me down this route. Here to me hoping one day I’ll be able to find and of course afford a large enough space to do all this decor work. Most likely not be in Toronto in this case.
(See below for the original painting)

Do check out her work when you get the chance. Especially her Sublimation collection (I will most likely report her work again on here for you guys to see how breathtaking it is and go more in depth with what I think her new collection is like.)

All photos are not mine. All found on Pinterest.

‘Morning Glory’ by Lisa Madigan

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