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What’s it like to have grit? Am I a gritty person?

Now the next, best question to ask is whether grit is overrated?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. A lot of it regarding my look of my content and writing on my blog. You ever get those days where you feel extremely unfulfilled? Then you realize it’s not just that one day.. it’s been a week? Or maybe a full-blown month now? Well I’m actually just in the middle of that. I’m thinking of ways to shift my mindset and change up my routine. Perhaps a change in style when it comes to my approach to blogging and my aesthetic? I’ve drafted up a couple mood boards to challenge myself to experiment and test my level of creativity. Also to test out whether I can get outside my light, airy, comfort-zone. Still a work-in-progress… So stay tuned. Moving on.. Let’s be honest guys— who doesn’t want to stick to something safe that works for them? Now I ask myself… Is what I’m doing at the moment working for me? Am I meeting the goals I set for myself a few months back? I see a lot of people on the daily post the same trendy pieces, imitate poses and even the same compositions.. which makes me wonder… ‘Wow it’s working for them…should I do it?.’ Is that best practice? That’s where the gritty attitude kicks in and says you should stick to your guns and build yourself the way you want to. The ability to pull from the masses is one of many everyday challenges one constantly faces.

Being appealing is great and all. However, does that allow yourself to give you self-appreciation and value? Do you have more value over others because of numbers or because you stuck it out when it came to pushing the envelope and successfully getting others to love you for you? The measure of motivation is astronomically difficult to solve by yourself when you’re the one working through the original problems, you, yourself have set.

So.. what do I want to do? Well… I want to continue what I began. There will be no setbacks that’ll discourage me. The kind of person I’d like to be in this industry is not only the talented and creative kind, but the one with a whole lot of tenacity and grit.

Photography by: Artiese Studios
Collaboration with Romwe

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