Daytime Jamming

April77 Judy Shadow Black Vegan Leather Jacket
Ganni Seersucker Silk Short Sleeve Shirt  (In blue here)
Forever21 black trousers
Ganni Court black pumps
Gavin Canning rosegold crane earrings

ZeroUV Indie cateye sunglasses in cream amber
Tom Ford in ‘Casa Blanca’ Lipstick
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Farrow earrings
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Slim ring
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather cardholder
Replica ‘Beach Walk’ by Maison Martin Margiela Perfume

Do you ever get those days where you just want brunch and be with the people that just get you? Or run out to do an errand and not give a care about how you look?

Nothing says ‘I love my weekends and just doing me’ better than ringing out the classic PJ-inspired shirt. It’s truly fitting for a casual and comfortable day to do anything. An effortless piece to convey a casual yet feminine feel to your look while simultaneously grazing the pj trend. Threw on a cool leather jacket to contrast the soft, airy shirt and bring some edge to the ensemble.

I just love my silky tops. And boy do I feel great in an oversized one.


I scored this amazing April77 vegan leather jacket as well as a shirt and pair of heels from Ganni at the Agency One sample sale.

Their Spring 2016 sample sale begins on April 20th, 2016.
That means…IT’S CURRENTLY HAPPENING NOW until the 28th!

The Agency One sample sale at LIVSSTIL
445 Adelaide St. W Toronto, Ontario


Photo assistance by: Jinah Lee @ SID LEE
Post sponsored by: LIVSSTIL x Agency One

Glitter at my Feet

Melanie Lyn Tweed Coat (Similar here)
Audrey Flounce Dress via Fashionably Yours (ONLY $8!) (Similar here and here)
Danier White Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)
ZeroUV Pink Sunnies
Kindling & Co Baguette Ring c/o
Rox N’ Bunny Monty Rings c/o
Call it Spring COOLA Heels in Multi Metallic c/o


It’s that time a year! When the air around you starts to feel much colder and you start to see red and gold everywhere you go. 

With all this holiday spirit and winter rolling in, it’s no wonder we start to think of the cutest, festive outfit to sport at potentially your work party, S.O’s family’s dinner or just a night out with the gals to celebrate the beautiful holiday. I know when December drops on me– the first thing I start to think of are timeless, budget-friendly pieces, paired with something that screams ‘IM GLAMOUROUS,’ and ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ without being too obnoxious about it. I’m definitely not one for dressing up in any combination remotely close to red and green. But if you can work it, by all means!

For my outfit– I went with a flounce dress I scored at my local consignment boutique on Queen West, called ‘Fashionably Yours’ for a mere $8! Dressed it up with glittery gold COOLA heels from Call it Spring. I’m a firm believer that even wearing sparkles on your feet can make your entire outfit shine. Even with the most basic dress, top or skirt! The simple dress I chose to be paired with the heels makes a quick and effortless outfit for Christmas or New Years. This season is probably the only time where wearing glitter is urgently called for and is super forgiving if anyone who’s not used to wearing such sparkly items. For a little more lady-like silhouette, I layered my Melanie Lyn tweed coat, added some gold accent rings and grabbed a minimal white clutch. (Technically it’s my passport holder but it works for me.) Pink sunnies to contrast the sophisticated look and give it some fun, extra feminine vibes.

Photography by: Artiese Studios
Thank you to Call it Spring for sponsoring this post.

Mi Villa

Ann Taylor Stripe Wrap Dress
Banana Republic White Skinny Belt
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Thrifted Shoulder Bag
Ardene White Sneakers

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Happy Friday!

I’m short with words for today’s post but filled with beautiful photographs. I found a little piece of Europe in Toronto I’d like to share with you guys. Nothing seems to scream wanderlust and holding onto my Europe trip virginity more than these photos.

I’m currently getting my ducks in a row so I’ll write more next time!

Enjoy my short and sweet post! x


Hello Honey!

GAP honeycomb sheath dress (Thanks Cassandra for this!)
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Zara Aztec Woven Ankle Strap Wide-Heel Sandals
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as Clutch)

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So summer is almost over since it’s now September. And I’m holding onto our weather for dear life. This calls for easy-slip sheath dresses, shades and polished yet funky heels…and super high pony tails. Kind of rare to see that, right? 

These photos were taken a while back when I connected with the beautiful blogger Joelle of La Petite Noob. My first blogger meet that I’ve initiated myself! Despite the meet was short due to the down pour that evening, it was super fun to click with someone who gets why you take flat lays of lattes or can celebrate your fresh blooms obsession. Speaking with Joelle definitely made me want to reach other with other bloggers and connect with them as well. Whether it was over coffee or brunch– it was mostly about getting to know one another on a girlfriends kind of basis, creating business ventures, bouncing ideas and collaborative projects and see how our blogging process came about. Some draft PDF layouts of their whole Instagram feed with backlogs of up to two weeks, others create hit lists of hot spots to shoot or reuse their photos as old as two years to fill up their feed. There would also be conversations that cover gossip on high profiled bloggers too! There’s quite a bit that goes into the blogger game and it’s just so darn fascinating to hear it from others themselves. 

Photo Assistant by: Joelle Anello
Editing by yours truly!


Porcelain Walls


Babaton Galden Camisole in Black
Zara Black Trousers
Calvin Klein Gold and Black Suede Tote Bag
Dior-inspired pearl duel necklace via eBay
ZeroUV Sunglasses

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Nothing seems to get me more excited than going to new places and new museums. Got the opportunity to visit Aga Khan with my girlfriend Therese of Artiese Studios. Let me tell you it was the wrong day to wear black, hence why most of the documented visuals shows me hiding in the shade later. But the wall large walls definitely make it feel much more cool and Greece-looking than it really is. Regardless it’s a beautiful museum that celebrates Islamic art.

Wearing all black seems to call out several different moods and going to a space like Aga Khan kind of made me feel super minimalist– and that allowed me to put on my $1.00 eBay Dior inspired necklace which I thought I would never ring out because of the eccentric form. It has both this dainty and bold feel to it. The change into a minimalistic mindset also made me want to experiment with the outcome of the photos. So showcasing our trip in a more fashion editorial x street dreams mag manner seemed appropriate. I decided to also share from photos from the little trip we made. Let’s call them #BTS photos with what I like to call… what really goes on behind bloggers.

I think I’m going to continue sharing some #BTS photos to allow my readers to see what truly goes on and what a blogger.. using me for example.. seeing what I really eat and do. I only figured out recently that apparently some bloggers order food for the photos and don’t even touch it afterwards. Wow! Talk about waste… I might as well show you me eating Tim Hortons and challenge myself to make that look pretty Insta-worthy. Anyways, gutta keep it transparent!
Let me know what you think! x

Photos by: Artiese Studios


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