Sid Neigum

WMCFW: DAY 1 Recap

In all honesty, I really didn’t anticipate on attending WMCFW at all. It wasn’t until a few days before fashion week was going to begin that my friend insisted me on going to experience the event for myself. With that, I decided why not..YOLO. I didn’t take it very seriously…In terms of… I had not planned for the event, I had not planned for my outfits..and I really had no idea what you were suppose to do.

In retrospect— Aside from the fact that Coco Rocha floated around my desk out of nowhere and exchanged words with me without notice the morning of, I would say that my fashion week kickstarted on a good note. I merely came out of the office in my work clothes and would walk over to David Pecaut Square where the majority of shows which I was attending was held. 

My first show was Sid Neigum. Upon my work schedule and last minute decision, my range of shows were carefully selected based on the hopes to make myself aware and see Canadian designers. The idea of going to a fashion show seems to be more worth wild seeing creative work over mainstream commercial clothes that i’ll eventually see in retail. 

Sid Neigum as my first show was not only a safe choice to go see but an amazing one. Keeping it real with the monochromatic palette, he has immensely optimized the results by mixing textures and experimenting with geometric forms. Seeing this makes me think— now that’s intelligent design, taking basic material and pushing the envelope with it.


A collection that seems to exude more with less.

Giving black and white a modern transformation, the attention and play with texture was highly predominant and effortless in detail. Sid Neigum’s line can be described as contemporary cool, laced with chic glamour.


All photographs belong to Cynthia Nguyen. 
Please ask permission before use.

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