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Giving some big lovin’ to the following:

1.) Lisa Hedge: Huge fan of her work. I bet you will become fan her too!
She gets brownie points for also teaming up with J Crew. Hehe.

2.) ODDDS for Salt & Wood Magazine

3.) Sam Lane for Eleanor Finch Photography

4.) Emma Dime for Eva Kolenko Photography

Happy Saturday and have a good weekend to everyone! xx

All photos are not my own, c/o to the credited designers.

Les Graphicants

Les Graphicants are a Paris-based design studio and collective who create advertisements and posters for some of the most famous cultural and artistic institutions in France. They have designed several posters for the Centre Pompidou, publicizing their large-scale special exhibitions, as well as several posters for the Ballet, Paris Metro, and other exhibitions and shows. Their design point-of-view is clean, bold, and minimal, using digital collage techniques and a primarily black-and-white palette to create eye-catching compositions. (Trendland)


It’s no secret that I love to all things French, but to see the French do beautiful design other than fashion– now that’s just hitting my soft side. They seem to breath a different kind of experimental life into their work. At the moment, I’m very fixated on the idea of printing, then framing some of my favourite design posters alongside with abstract artwork and black and white photography. I would do all this in a heart beat, but I would have to find a new home where I am permitted to drill holes into the wall…until then.

Type Love Tuesday ft. 4D Type

I’m introducing to you guys a new segment on the blog.
Every Tuesday of the week, I’ll be hyping a type choice I found.

I present to you one of Barcelona’s Lo Siento Studio’s greatest work and type…
the 4D type! I just stumbled upon this type and found their website and studio…and boy does it make my heart melt to see amazing type, especially all the lettering work on Lo Siento’s site. The 4D type is made of paper that is approximately 30 x 40.
Photos: Lo Siento Studio

Hopefully you guys enjoy!

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