Chase That Truck Like This

Nordstrom Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer (Similar here)
Club Monaco Kendyl Crop Top (Now on sale with 40% off of $59!)
Topshop Moto Mom Jeans
Aldo Cicci Suede Bone Heels (Simlar here and here)
Jenny Bird Gold Rhine Lariat

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Well, well, well, look what we have here. Little o’ me actually making it out in public in blue jeans. How casual. What’s the twist? I also made it out alive without any penalties from HR wearing this crop top to work with the jeans as well.

Because honestly… I wore a white blazer. A nice touch of ‘I’m actually super professional’ to my look. Agree? It’s not an accident I wore more white to make the look more elevated and suitable for the day time. I swear, I don’t normally or genuinely enjoy wearing jeans because I find them too casual for me. So… I’m finding more way to put my blue jeans to use. Especially these mom jeans and wide leg jeans I just recently purchased.

What do you like to wear with your blue jeans, m’dear?

Photography by: Vincent Ko

Almost There


Thakoon Addition Pink Floral Printed Shawl Collar Dress
Ann Taylor Crepe Colourblock Topper Coat
Thrifted Faux Snake Printed Vest
JustFab Sanna Heels
Topshop Gold Fringe Necklace
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (Used as a clutch)

HAPPY SUNDAY! Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend! I’ve spent the weekend going to the Lawrence Farmer’s Market, attending family and friend’s dinner, ice skating and editing photos from the Wedluxe show! *Hint hint.. future post coming soon* On another note, I don’t think I’ve ever cried while taking out the garbage… until I was surprised with a bouquet of these stunning peonies during the process. Tears of joy I say… also the best kind of tears too. In addition to happiness, I’m extremely ecstatic that it’s been pretty warm this weekend to do all your favourite winter outdoor activities.

One of the few things that I love incorporating into my fall/winter wardrobe other than big cable knits is COLOUR! I’m a true believer in the psychology behind colour selection, what one chooses to wear is a pretty accurate reflection of their emotions and persona, whether you consciously or subconsciously pick out. 

Every winter in Toronto, the sea of black parkas roll out. For me, I try to layer to stay warm. Owning a coat that is a couple sizes bigger than what you normally wear allows you to wear all of your favourite sweaters– one on top of the other. At the same time, I like to wear my favourite vivid colours, hence my bright blue J. Crew cacoon jacket. It’s actually a size 4 regular, while I usually wear a 00 petite. For this look, I wore my floral printed Thakoon Addition dress for a splash of colour… as well as to showcase my excitement and eagerness for Spring! If you’re looking to rock florals in the winter, I highly recommend poking around in Topshop.

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Hope you all have relaxing, fun & rejuvenating weekend!



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