Suede For Me


Club Monaco Elizabina Silk Top 
Banana Republic Suede Mini Skirt via Kind Exchange (Similar here and here)
Thrifted Black Gold-studded Leather Belt via Black Market
Thrifted Vintage Coach Brown Leather Cross Body
J. Crew Hammered Choker Necklace (Similar here too)
Zara Aztec Woven Ankle Strap Wide Heel Sandals

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Here’s my attempt for a desert-Coachella-LA-vibes-western kind of look.
A combination inspired by WhoWoreWhat’s Danielle Bernstein and Lust for Life’s Olivia Lopez.

To further explore and take my art directing up a notch, I decided to change up my visual style to curate more interesting stories for my readers to see other than my usually expected whimsical and overexposed lit posts. Because change is good right? Or should I say variety.

This outfit was shot at Toronto’s Allen Gardens. Since the winter of last year I wanted to shoot at this location for a while but decided to wait until spring’s warm weather rolled in. I thought to myself… what area in Toronto would make the closest resemblance to California’s hot landscape? Or it went more like: where can I find a few palm trees? Even a bunch of Monstera leaves would do as well. In the end, a room full of cactuses was found at the green house and that seemed to do more for me than palm trees.

I currently have a mild obsession with cognac-coloured suede at the moment and have been trolling the internet slash lurking through countless vintage stores for brown suede pieces for a couple of months now. Next on the list… if possible.. would be to find a fringe suede jacket that actually doesn’t give me gigantic football shoulders. While on my search for a girlfriend’s birthday gift I was lucky to have found a Banana Republic suede mini skirt from the Kind Exchange, a consignment store on Queen Street for $30. Don’t you love it when you’re looking for someones gift but end up coming out with 3+ items for yourself? Regardless, this was a way better price for a real suede skirt compared to buying from Zara. (No hate– that was actually going to be my last resort.) 

Below, I attached some music by Alina Baraz to compliment the photos photographed from above. Hope you guys can see the Tumblr image x  Majestic Casual vibe here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dennis since it’s his birthday today. 
Happy birthday buddy!

Photographed by: Dennis Grishnin aka Mandala Beats

Speaking of Coachella the music festival… what’s your opinion on the trends showcased at music festivals?
Q: Is it just me or do you find that the outfits of today’s festival-goers are ignorantly using statement pieces from certain cultures? (i.e. headdresses and bindi gems.)

Let me know what you think in your comments below! x


Orange You Glad

Q. Why was the girl staring at the carton of orange juice?
A. It said concentrate.


Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Fuzzy Duster Robe Coat in White
Forever21 Essential Utility Shirt Dress via The Kind Exchange
Winners Oversized Big Cable Knit Cardigan
Pink Tartan White Suiting Trousers
Zara Black Pointed Toe Heels
Alpha Wool Scarf from Peru
Rayban Polarized Green Aviator Sunglasses
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as Clutch)

If you’ve been up to date with my Instagram, you’ve probably seen my recent posts from one of my all time favourite cafes in Toronto–called ‘La Merceria‘ on Adelaide St. West and Portland. It’s not the first time I’ve written a post about them. I wrote a post a few years back on my old blog, Steel Oneself. A cute coffee shop that has never let me down for almost 5 years now. I’ve taken both guy friends and girlfriends there. I decided to take girlfriend, Therese of Artiese Studios there for Nutella Lattes, light eating (their torta pascualina that looks like a pizza) and run some test shots with her new lens for her Mamiya film camera.

My hidden gems are usually comprised of small and cozy restaurants or cafes in Toronto. These are what I consider one of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Toronto. About 4 years ago, I barely touched coffee. Only socially. But now I have a new found appreciation and addiction to it. It’s almost a part of my routine everyday before work– making my mornings easier and feel like I’ve started on the right foot.

Recently, I’ve learnt to give myself an extra good 30 to 40 minutes before work in order walk at a casual pace to pick up some coffee. I think it’s a healthy way to wake up compared to running around like a headless chicken with 5 minutes to spare. I start off feeling relaxed, enjoying my surroundings and gathering my thoughts for the day. Then eventually I’ll feel a gradual transition to becoming alive, sharp and focused for work. Makes sense right?

Photos by: Artiese Studios & Max Kandler

LA MERCERIA / 506 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1T5


What’s your favourite hidden gem in your city?
I’d love to see photos or links in the comments below too!


Camel Suiting


Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat
Goorin Brothers Heritage County Line Hat 
Black Market Thrifted Tweed and Suede Blazer
J. Crew Silk- Front Tank in Stripe
J. Crew Trousers in Desert (See Similar here)
Thrifted Brown Leather Gloves
J. Crew Arrow Drop Earrings
Zara Black Pointed Toe Heels

If someone were to ask me what’s one of my favourite places to shop around Toronto. I would honestly say the Black Market down on Queen St. Simply because everything in the store is $10 or less. This store is also one of the bigger reasons why I’m able to shop frequently without breaking the bank and where I find cool stuff to rework or wear. See? You don’t have to spend a lot to run a blog or to pull luxurious looks! It’s a lot like going on a treasure hunt, looking for the hidden gems. For me— I feel less pressure while shopping here because you actually have no idea what you’ll end up with. Whereas if you were to walk into a retail store like Ann Taylor and don’t end up finding that specific item you found online or piece you know they usually would carry because they cater to that kind of thing, then I would be a little disappointed. Different bars of standards, you could say. If you’re in need of a denim jacket, oversized suited blazer with thin pinstripes, cat eye shades, lace slips, duster robe coats they have it all… for literally only $10. They even have Christmas sweaters. I happen to land myself this awesome camel-coloured herringbone/tweed blazer with suede on the collar as for detail.     

This outfit was inspired by International Fashion Editor and voice of The Rake, Sarah Ann Murray. A talented individual who is constantly testing the waters and pushing the envelope with menswear. With that, I wanted to go for a chic, suited ensemble. What better way to start a sophisticated outfit with the colour Camel and turn it into a feminine suit? There’s this deep and crazy love I have for women in suits, flared trousers, silky button-downs, 6″ wide brim hats who also exude a knack for matching and pulling the most subtle yet stunning details. Are these the women who frolic around Paris? Garance Dore does a good job making it seem so. I paired my thrifted blazer with my Aritzia Wilfred Cocoon Coat. In my opinion, a camel coat is such a timeless piece, which can elevate and go with anything. It’s also a nice change from the black coat. Camel coats also remind me of the 1930-40s fashion in America— A golden era I tried illustrating through these images by photographing them on a historical site dated back in exactly 1937. For bottoms, I wore my J. Crew trousers in ‘desert’, which are actually 5-6x bigger than what I normally wear because I was for for a loose and straight fit, paired with a light striped tank and dainty black heels from Zara. I’ve always wondered…

When it comes to your style, which time period are you most inspired by?
Share your comments below and let me know. xo



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