Satin Pantaloons

Theory striped button-down shirt (Similar here)
Thrifted satin navy pants (Similar here and here)
Yves Saint Laurent nude wrap Strap block heels (Similar here)
Banana Republic mini zip crossbody
Le Chateau gold drop earring

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A thought that crossed my mind while looking through the window from within the TTC streetcar down King St. (how cinematic) was… where would my life be if I wasnt in the creative field doing all the things I love and exercise on the daily? If I was in a cube doing accounting for the next 40 years of my life, could I do it? Not to say Im bashing on them accountants if anything I give them mad props for being able to focus in and pull that all off. But its just not what Im capable of doing. But yes, lets say Im very fortunate to be a creative. To be in a super supportive industry where people leverage, provided and motivate one another. The growth of success is exponential and astronomical when you least expect it. You can also visually see the support from other fellow creatives.

On another note, I’m also very fortunate to be in a place where creative is in demand and is appreciated. The most powerful part about any creative output not only depends on creative input… but the most important contributor that leads to appreciation is stemmed from how we are wired and how we perceive things. The way we structure and understand these experiences. To make something new doesn’t necessarily have to be totally new but can be also familiar. Just like music, when you break it down to the bare backbones.. all those notes are found from repetition. Those catchy beats I tell you! What looks good is because we are informed what is good or trendy…or tasteful. Which leads me to my next question, what is luxury and why “luxury”? TBC.

Photography by: Artiese Studios

Simple Prep

Forever21 Pinstripe Boyfriend Blazer
Theory Women’s Pinstripe Button-Down Shirt
Forever21 White Shorts
Banana Republic Herringbone Wolven Skinny Belt
Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon Heels
White Straw Fedora (Borrowed from Therese)
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)

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Today marks a new day and a new chapter in my life. It might not seem like a huge deal but it’s my first day at a new role that’s finally full time instead of the usual contract or freelance work. I’m less of a headless chicken running around and look at myself more of a growing little lady. (The heels help a lot with this perception) I see my life having a little bit more structure in my lifestyle now, at the same time proposing challenges for me to discipline myself to make time for blogging (like early this morning).

To end this quick morning write up, I’m going to leave a quote below which I saw on my Instagram while commuting to work. I’m usually not for one for cheesy, lame quotes. (That’s probably a big lie but it’s okay) I’m painting a realistic story of my life, eh?

Anyways, It’s 8:45AM. Time to go go go! x

– Some Instagrammer that I follow on my feed

Photography by: Artiese Studios


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