Red Velvet Cookies




What’s better than cookies? Holidays cookies…

Whether it’s hosting or giving away sweet treats for the winter holidays, we think that the Red Velvet Cookie made from scratch is the perfect kind of cookie to offer.

My sister and I have gotten together to make these cookies in light of the holidays, gifting for the parents, and staying in to keep cozy.

We are pleased to share these super thick and soft, filled with natural red cocoa cookies. Roll them in powdered sugar and watch the cracks in the cookies unravel as they bake, not to mention the beautiful aroma emitted from the oven and dispersed throughout the room. The powdered sugar is the perfect and simple topping to evoke a winter-like feel, just like powdered snow that has fallen.

These red velvet cookies have almost a brownie like texture on the inside, and the deeper you get, the softer they are. Their shell is a bit more firm and they’re not too sweet compared to regular chocolate cookies. What’s also nice about these cookies are that they don’t require too much red food colouring unlike traditional red velvet desserts. We like how the natural red cocoa looks and decided to use a little less red colouring for these.

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