creative direction SERGE RUFFIEUX for CARVEN SS18
photography JACK DAVISON



creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN photography VINCENT KO in collaboration with SHEIN and NICOLE VIENNA

Pinch of Chic Shein Ruffle Sleeves

Let’s understand what’S HAPPENED

This entry is my second article published in 2017— another little milestone reached! In between all this crazy hustling and bustling, there’s no better way to give yourself some positivity but to take a breather from reality and just start typing away your feelings…or ‘feels’ if you will.

Man, has this year gone by rocket fast… It feels like only a few months ago did I decide to start a blog in my little bedroom I was renting out in a student house during my final year of post secondary. My full-time work schedule has shaded so much of my vision and attention that I had completely forgotten that my blog had turned 3 years old! January 7th marks the day this site launch. I told myself 3 years ago that I only had 3 years to hit that ‘blogging peak.’ You know, that pinnacle of success— that tier where one gets all the endless invitation to Paris Fashion addressed with ‘Madame’, get offered cool collaborations with Louis Vuitton and be gifted Chloe Drew bags of every neutral shade. I told myself that if I didn’t reach that peak within 3 years that I was going to fail the rest of the way because that new wave of bloggers will simply come and surpass me and my reach. There was no real over arching purpose for Pinch of Chic, other than to share my favourite outfits, foods, rants as well as inspirational pins from my Pinterest boards. In my previous post, I had mentioned that I migrated from Squarespace to WordPress and during the midst importing all the photos, I came across all my earlier blog posts when I had just started back in 2014. It was super nostalgic and pretty heart-warming to see where I’ve begun. J.Crew obsessed and Sophia Webster-loving… Wow, talk about trekking down memory lane.

Now, seeing my spurts of effort in the form of blog posts created alongside such talented photographers makes me feel kind of touched. All my great efforts to keep this blog alive, even with the sporadic posting times still did me good.

Looking at today, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m an established ‘influencer.’ I don’t have the numbers and I definitely don’t have the kind of time like the full-time, dedicated ‘established’ influencers do. I would much rather call myself a content creator if anything. With that being said— I don’t really know how far this blog will go but 3 years has certainly passed and I’m still sitting here writing in this text field… All in all, it’s just real nice to know that I got this far with this platform— with opportunities to create and collaborate with great people anytime. Pinch of Chic not only has just been a blog but a portfolio book for me, as well as a platform for people to be inspired and feel as if they were engaging in conversation with me. It’s funny to acknowledge that this blog has opened so many doors for me— making great friends, pushing my creative thinking, practicing my entrepreneurial and negotiating skills, working with cool brands and independent designers, encouraging me to constantly go out and uncover the hidden gems, network and hunt for the most awesome brunch places all around my city. To showcase my hood through my taste and brand voice.

I’d say I’m doing pretty alright, even if I haven’t received my Chloe bag yet.

You can find me me doing a victory dance to surviving 2016 in exaggerated ruffles (only $15! See details below) with my good friend, latte.


Caught up with Vincent over some beautiful, and I mean really beautiful brunch at Baddies. Test drove the granola yoghurt + chia pudding.






Nook Goals



If you know me and my situation, I’m in the midst of bouncing around. I mean actually physically bouncing around with all my belongings like a little well-dressed gypsy. I’m looking for a permanent home and while I’m on the hunt, I’m moving around temporary homes while simultaneously getting my ducks in a row to prepare for this big move. With about 2.5 months to find, offer and officially purchase this perma-home… the time spent outside of work, freelance and blogging usually goes towards researching mortgages, real estate lawyers, sifting through MLS and Google Maps. When you find yourself in my situation, you’ll get what I’m saying right now. What all that being said and done– I try to compensate for all the heavy amounts of research and paperwork by rewarding myself with pinning pretty interior inspo via Pinterest. Talk about building so much hype for a space I don’t technically own yet! It’s okay though… the time will come soon enough!

Boring stuff aside. I’m a huge sucker for Scandinavian interior. All white space, yep. Playful textures, uhuh. Bold black accent pieces, you got it! The tiniest details in a vast amount of open, clean space just gets me every time. Something so peaceful yet interesting when your curiosity is piqued within such a space. Let me tell you… this will not be an easy or fast task to accomplish. One the areas in a home that’s a priority for me is a good working space slash to relax in your down time. The one place you can be with yourself and feel content as the same time. A.K.A. My nook. Within this post– you can have an idea what I’m aiming for… for my future nook. (I just can’t wait to welcome people into my future furnished home and openly say…. ‘And lastly…this is my nook.’ (Cue, ‘Ouuuu’s and Ahhhh’s.)

You know what they say… collect the pieces over time. That way when you create your space, it’s a genuine reflection and story from you. Every little accent or essential piece has sentimental or purposeful intention to be in your own home.

Q: What’s your must-have in your current or future nook?
Let me know in the comments below!

All Photos via Pinterest


Parisian Elegance by Guillaume Alan

Interior Designer, Guillaume Alan

Born and grew up in the world of architecture and interior design by virtue of his parent’s profession, and also due to his grandmother who worked as an antique dealer. All discussions, all atmospheres where he grew up obviously helped him and he rapidly felt the need to express himself, to create and share his own harmonies and worlds. He soon took the plunge and opened his own studio in Saint-Germain-des-Près in Paris, he was 24. At 38 years-old, based in Paris and in London, he counts among the ambassadors of the French touch in the process of gaining international recognition.

Q: How he has achieved so much success at such a young age in terms of working with high-profiled people and the projects he has been fortunate/privilege to receive. (i.e. Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford, etc.) What did his process to his present experience look like?

A: Guillaume Alan’s artistic sensibility has resulted in very close and powerful encounters with demanding and trend-setting clients who entrusted the young designer with the architectural design and decoration of many private places. His architectural work and collection give a feeling of great simplicity and absolute purity, concealing a ultra-precise mastery. He signs projects in harmony with the finest tradition of French design and décorateurs ensembliers: he signs the architecture, the interior design, the pieces of furniture (everything is custom-made and drawn out) and selection of pieces of art. Guillaume has been working with Emilie Le Corre since the beginning who is in charge of the Paris and London studios. She plays a fundamental role in the process of obtaining an exclusive outcome.

Guillaume and Emilie share the same vision of what is an extraordinary rarity. Together, they try to reflect their sensibility in order to arouse emotions, this is one of the main aspects of the stamp of Guillaume Alan and why Guillaume Alan’s interiors are unique and recognizable.

Q: His choice of aesthetic and style, how has his style developed and why those choices? 

A: Guillaume is attached to follow his own vision, his own instinct. He hates to follow rules or trends to draw the attention. He evolves in his own world, trying to exchange and to convey his own inspiration to his clients. He draw his inspiration from everywhere, there is so much richness for our eyes, or even from emotions. The simplest details often become a trigger point and lead to reflection.

Guillaume Alan’s references or masters can be summed up this way: “luxury, calm and poetry”. It is always about alchemy, balances guided by excellence. His architecture, as well as his collections of furniture, gives birth to calm and pure spaces, where luxury and rigor coexist without ostentation.


Special thanks to Emilie Le Core for providing the beautiful photos as well as
Alan’s responses to my questions!

Morning Glory


So let me tell you that the very first photo interior space photo from my stack of pins was designed by Catherine Kwong. She designed this 1899 Edwardian Home, inspired by a photo of Mick and Bianca Jagger (during their young and wild days in St. Tropez) How cool is that?
She calls it Rock n’ Roll meets Chic.

Today’s interior pinspiration is…inspired by one of my favourite contemporary artists, Lisa Madigan, and her Kaleidoscope collection featuring her piece called ‘Morning Glory.’ This morning I felt I had to share these wonderful Pinterest finds from my interior board since I have a hidden soft spot for interior and all things muted. Because just look at those greys, pinks and pinches of black! …and gold too. Oh how I also love mixing old regal retails to contemporary minimal spaces. My days of watching Debbie Travis and Martha Stewart probably lead me down this route. Here to me hoping one day I’ll be able to find and of course afford a large enough space to do all this decor work. Most likely not be in Toronto in this case.
(See below for the original painting)

Do check out her work when you get the chance. Especially her Sublimation collection (I will most likely report her work again on here for you guys to see how breathtaking it is and go more in depth with what I think her new collection is like.)

All photos are not mine. All found on Pinterest.

‘Morning Glory’ by Lisa Madigan

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