Pants are Power

creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN
photography VINCENT KO
in collaboration with ANN TAYLOR

You know that feeling when you find that pair of pants that holds you in the right places, stops at the appropriate areas just like the original design and doesn’t require a belt?

Now, imagine you were not allowed to wear pants— ever.
And that you could be arrested for slipping into a pair.

In light of International Women’s Day, I’ve teamed up with Ann Taylor to celebrate the brand’s commitment of over 60 years— making women feel empowered through their apparel, as well as the evolution and right for women to wear pants. Not only speaking to the historical shift in fashion but more-so the right in equality and social which women have fought for back in the 1940’s. 

It’s a fascinating thought to see how much of a statement and value is behind the mere act of women wearing pants.


Doublecloth Bow Sleeve Coat 
Frayed Cuffed Girlfriend Jeans
Marled Newbury Blazer



I’m sharing with you Ann Taylor’s campaign video that follows the journey from the year 1940, when women were once arrested for wearing pants in public, followed by today, 2018, where women can now wear pants freely– wherever, whenever. Including the Oscars. This video pays tribute to National Women’s History month and commemorates the evolution of how women have fought for not only the rights to wear pants that make them feel confident and empowered in fashion but for equality as well.  




creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN photography VINCENT KO in collaboration with SHEIN and NICOLE VIENNA

Pinch of Chic Shein Ruffle Sleeves

Let’s understand what’S HAPPENED

This entry is my second article published in 2017— another little milestone reached! In between all this crazy hustling and bustling, there’s no better way to give yourself some positivity but to take a breather from reality and just start typing away your feelings…or ‘feels’ if you will.

Man, has this year gone by rocket fast… It feels like only a few months ago did I decide to start a blog in my little bedroom I was renting out in a student house during my final year of post secondary. My full-time work schedule has shaded so much of my vision and attention that I had completely forgotten that my blog had turned 3 years old! January 7th marks the day this site launch. I told myself 3 years ago that I only had 3 years to hit that ‘blogging peak.’ You know, that pinnacle of success— that tier where one gets all the endless invitation to Paris Fashion addressed with ‘Madame’, get offered cool collaborations with Louis Vuitton and be gifted Chloe Drew bags of every neutral shade. I told myself that if I didn’t reach that peak within 3 years that I was going to fail the rest of the way because that new wave of bloggers will simply come and surpass me and my reach. There was no real over arching purpose for Pinch of Chic, other than to share my favourite outfits, foods, rants as well as inspirational pins from my Pinterest boards. In my previous post, I had mentioned that I migrated from Squarespace to WordPress and during the midst importing all the photos, I came across all my earlier blog posts when I had just started back in 2014. It was super nostalgic and pretty heart-warming to see where I’ve begun. J.Crew obsessed and Sophia Webster-loving… Wow, talk about trekking down memory lane.

Now, seeing my spurts of effort in the form of blog posts created alongside such talented photographers makes me feel kind of touched. All my great efforts to keep this blog alive, even with the sporadic posting times still did me good.

Looking at today, I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m an established ‘influencer.’ I don’t have the numbers and I definitely don’t have the kind of time like the full-time, dedicated ‘established’ influencers do. I would much rather call myself a content creator if anything. With that being said— I don’t really know how far this blog will go but 3 years has certainly passed and I’m still sitting here writing in this text field… All in all, it’s just real nice to know that I got this far with this platform— with opportunities to create and collaborate with great people anytime. Pinch of Chic not only has just been a blog but a portfolio book for me, as well as a platform for people to be inspired and feel as if they were engaging in conversation with me. It’s funny to acknowledge that this blog has opened so many doors for me— making great friends, pushing my creative thinking, practicing my entrepreneurial and negotiating skills, working with cool brands and independent designers, encouraging me to constantly go out and uncover the hidden gems, network and hunt for the most awesome brunch places all around my city. To showcase my hood through my taste and brand voice.

I’d say I’m doing pretty alright, even if I haven’t received my Chloe bag yet.

You can find me me doing a victory dance to surviving 2016 in exaggerated ruffles (only $15! See details below) with my good friend, latte.


Caught up with Vincent over some beautiful, and I mean really beautiful brunch at Baddies. Test drove the granola yoghurt + chia pudding.






Nook Goals



If you know me and my situation, I’m in the midst of bouncing around. I mean actually physically bouncing around with all my belongings like a little well-dressed gypsy. I’m looking for a permanent home and while I’m on the hunt, I’m moving around temporary homes while simultaneously getting my ducks in a row to prepare for this big move. With about 2.5 months to find, offer and officially purchase this perma-home… the time spent outside of work, freelance and blogging usually goes towards researching mortgages, real estate lawyers, sifting through MLS and Google Maps. When you find yourself in my situation, you’ll get what I’m saying right now. What all that being said and done– I try to compensate for all the heavy amounts of research and paperwork by rewarding myself with pinning pretty interior inspo via Pinterest. Talk about building so much hype for a space I don’t technically own yet! It’s okay though… the time will come soon enough!

Boring stuff aside. I’m a huge sucker for Scandinavian interior. All white space, yep. Playful textures, uhuh. Bold black accent pieces, you got it! The tiniest details in a vast amount of open, clean space just gets me every time. Something so peaceful yet interesting when your curiosity is piqued within such a space. Let me tell you… this will not be an easy or fast task to accomplish. One the areas in a home that’s a priority for me is a good working space slash to relax in your down time. The one place you can be with yourself and feel content as the same time. A.K.A. My nook. Within this post– you can have an idea what I’m aiming for… for my future nook. (I just can’t wait to welcome people into my future furnished home and openly say…. ‘And lastly…this is my nook.’ (Cue, ‘Ouuuu’s and Ahhhh’s.)

You know what they say… collect the pieces over time. That way when you create your space, it’s a genuine reflection and story from you. Every little accent or essential piece has sentimental or purposeful intention to be in your own home.

Q: What’s your must-have in your current or future nook?
Let me know in the comments below!

All Photos via Pinterest


Meet Toronto’s Top 3 Blogger Photographers


The two things you will quickly learn to having a successful fashion blog of any kind is 1.) Having an on-point style and 2.) Consistently posting amazing photographs. Where the first point can be easily obtain since you are the master of your own style, the second point could be extremely hard to achieve if you, yourself don’t have a background in photography or know anyone willing to photograph you on a daily basis. Look at the dynamic duos that ran famous blogs like: Kayture, The Blonde Salad, Song of Style, Gal Meets Glam, and…. one of my all-time favourites, Gary Pepper Girl! (Ooooh Nicole Warne and Luke Shadbolt! Why are you so perfect for each other? PS. Congratulations on your engagement!)

While other people use Tinder, Hinge and OKCupid to find dates and potential boyfriends, I can’t say that these online platforms are the most effective in tracking down the cutest photographers to make them your ‘blogger boyfriend’ or ‘blogger bae’ in my case. I’ve been told that some bloggers would go even as far as posting wanted Kijiji ads to find their photographers too! Plus, having to spend our time sifting through these dating platforms to find a potential suitor can be exhausting where we would much rather put that time into writing, managing our social media outlets and… taking our own #flatlays photos.

So…say no more! I got your backs ladies and gents! Thus, I present to you my spectacular list featuring my top 3 Toronto-based blogger photographers slash most eligible bachelors that I’ve had the great pleasure to continuously work with and would love to share with my readers.

You can call me matchmaker or helpful for curating this little list of talented, sweet, smart and handsome men! Take a look below to see who to swoon over and give them a nice DM!

Photography all done by yours truly!


Name: John Mark Canelas “Mack Canelas”
Age: 24
Status: Single
Location: Toronto
Job Title: Wedding Cinematographer/ Lifestyle Photographer

Favourite Hotspot: Kensington Market
Interests: Hanging out with friends, coffee, biking, film, and photography! And girls, girls, girls of course!

Instagram: @mack_canelas

Q: What’s your favourite subject you enjoy photographing? 
A: GIRLS! Why? I don’t know. It’s just that whenever I do a shoot with a girl as my subject… it feels like I am seeing their funny slash silly side… you know those parts of them that they don’t normally show to others around them. I make my models do whatever they want. I don’t restrict them from doing what they want… I want my photos to look natural and candid as much as possible! I want to be in that moment where I can see the real them and pull it off in my photos! 😊

Q: What are the three interesting things people should know about you?
A: I’m an introverted person! It doesn’t look like it but I really am. I’m also definitely an OC in the way it takes me about 153689 hours to post a photo onto my Instagram account! And… I love dogs! 🐶

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world to shoot, where would it be and why?
A: Machu Picchu! I feel like I can pull-off an awesome portrait set from that place. Just like those photographs captured in the magazines!

Q: Last question really important question, pizza or hamburgers? 😂
A: Pizza! Straight up! ☝


Name: Verne Ho
Age: 31
Status: Single
Location: Downtown Toronto
Job Title: Director of Design at Shopify

Interests: I love what I do so the line between work and play is pretty blurry. Currently you’ll see me bounce between design, photography, and writing on any given day. Good food, drinks, and company also keep me grounded.

Favourite Hotspot: King West between Portland Variety (great seafood), Rush Lane (amazing cocktails), or Fynn’s of Temple Bar (best pub food in the city). Sucker for habits and places where people know my name (cue Cheers theme song).


Q: What do you look for in a subject?
A: A story. Whether it’s their expression, their movement, or the relationship to the environment around them, there should always be the sense that something is happening before the shot, during the shot, and after the shot. A great photo encapsulates that entire story and a great subject brings it to life.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about shooting bloggers?
A: They typically already have a narrative in mind that they want to convey. It means you spend less time trying to create a persona and a story, and spend more time trying to capture it.

Q: What are three interesting things people should know about you?
A: a) I’ve only been shooting for 6 months so I’m pretty new to the photography game.
b) By day, I lead the design team at one of the fastest growing tech startups in Canada. Previously, I ran my own design studio for nearly 5 years before it was acquired by said startup.
c) Despite my creative ambitions, I actually studied business in university because my parents wanted me to pursue something “practical”.

Q: How did you get into photography?
A: I’ve always been fascinated by photography but I was always intimidated by the technical aspects of it. Late last year though, I met two prominent designers who had also made a name for themselves through mobile photography. They showed me how accessible great photography actually was, especially by leveraging the power of the cameras we already had on our phones. Those encounters alone inspired me enough to begin dabbling with photography at the start of the year, first with my iPhone and then eventually with a dedicated camera.

Q: Last question, chocolate or vanilla?
A: Vanilla! I’m boring like that. 🍦


Name: Arnold Lan
Age: 23
Status: Single
Location: Toronto
Job Title: Freelancer Photographer/ Videographer

Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, snowboarding, theatre, traveling, and meeting strangers!

Favourite Hotspot: My house because everyone always thinks I’m extroverted but I’m actually not. I am outgoing but despite that, I not only need but also LOVE my alone time. So while I’m not at home often, I’m always extremely grateful to be home.

Instagram: @arnoldlan

Q: What made you become interested in photographing fashion bloggers instead of Toronto landscapes or street style? 
A: I love people, so people are my favourite subjects to photograph. Fashion was just a side of photography I’ve never touched or known anything about before. While landscapes are beautiful (I still shoot landscapes mostly during travel), people have stories, emotions, memories, and feelings, which make photographing people so much more interesting than photographing landscapes. I choose fashion bloggers instead of street style, because I get to know the people on a different level rather than just snapping a quick shot of someone and then never seeing them ever again. Photography is only a medium in which I use to tell stories, hear stories, and connect with people.

Q: What are the three interesting things people should know about you?
A: I’m an avid theatre lover, I’ve seen 22 musicals to date, and I collect playbills/programs! I was born in Herten, Germany, because my mom was doing her residency there at the time. I have 20+ stitches on my body because even from an early age I was an adrenaline/thrill seeker (and also accident prone).

Q: If you could go photograph anyone living or dead, who would it be and why?
A: THESE QUESTIONS ARE SO HARD WOW. I don’t have a specific person that I really want to photograph. Maybe Sara Bareilles when she’s performing live, because she’s my favourite artist. She’s extremely passionate about her music so I want to capture all of it in one picture. And also so that I can be her friend LOL.

Q: Last question, if your life was a movie, what would the title be?
A: Arnold The Awesome Lan. I DON’T KNOW I DON’T LIKE YOUR QUESTIONS. OH “LANTOGRAPHY” BECAUSE IT’S BASICALLY ME. A photographer with a sense of humour and personality!



1. Olivers People ‘LOU’ Shades
2. Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera

3. Tag Heuer Grand Carerra Calibre 36 RS with Chronograph
4. Gucci Navy Leather Gold Buckle Belt
5. Nike Roshe Run Shoes 
Agent Procovateur Idalia lace and stretch-tulle underwired bra
Agent Provocateur 
Larizsa embroidered tulle and satin briefs

Valentines Day is in exactly three days. I’ve created a guide for the ladies in search of their boo’s gift. Please feel inspired to get them gifts from the choices on the board. These are some of the essentials every man wants. Last but least, have fun shopping for them, especially with No. 6 on the board. It’s a win win for you and him.

Good Luck! xo


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