Porcelain Walls


Babaton Galden Camisole in Black
Zara Black Trousers
Calvin Klein Gold and Black Suede Tote Bag
Dior-inspired pearl duel necklace via eBay
ZeroUV Sunglasses

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Nothing seems to get me more excited than going to new places and new museums. Got the opportunity to visit Aga Khan with my girlfriend Therese of Artiese Studios. Let me tell you it was the wrong day to wear black, hence why most of the documented visuals shows me hiding in the shade later. But the wall large walls definitely make it feel much more cool and Greece-looking than it really is. Regardless it’s a beautiful museum that celebrates Islamic art.

Wearing all black seems to call out several different moods and going to a space like Aga Khan kind of made me feel super minimalist– and that allowed me to put on my $1.00 eBay Dior inspired necklace which I thought I would never ring out because of the eccentric form. It has both this dainty and bold feel to it. The change into a minimalistic mindset also made me want to experiment with the outcome of the photos. So showcasing our trip in a more fashion editorial x street dreams mag manner seemed appropriate. I decided to also share from photos from the little trip we made. Let’s call them #BTS photos with what I like to call… what really goes on behind bloggers.

I think I’m going to continue sharing some #BTS photos to allow my readers to see what truly goes on and what a blogger.. using me for example.. seeing what I really eat and do. I only figured out recently that apparently some bloggers order food for the photos and don’t even touch it afterwards. Wow! Talk about waste… I might as well show you me eating Tim Hortons and challenge myself to make that look pretty Insta-worthy. Anyways, gutta keep it transparent!
Let me know what you think! x

Photos by: Artiese Studios


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