Sweet Escape


J.Crew Cotton Off-the-shoulder Top
Massimo Dutti Front Slit Skirt
Lack of Color Spencer Boater Hat
Yves Saint Laurant Nude Wrap Ankle Block Heels
Massimo Dutti Suede Cross body bag

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I know I take a crazy load of time when it comes to preparing a blog post.. which is why I hold immense pride once I’ve curated and launched a post. Whether I’m told that I should stick to posting more frequently or to ‘just get a post out the door..’ I would much rather bite my tongue and hold back until I’ve produced an exquisite article filled with wonderful photos.

Photos that are not only simply taken against a wall and tweaked via post production but are well thought through with a direction.. a particular narrative. A narrative that my readers can follow along and immerse themselves in a different world. A world infuse with excitement and femininity. Creating an escapism for my viewers through my craft and lens is what I yearn to do and is the major…if not the sole reason why I blog. To share all this with you.

From the choice of clothing, to the colour palette, the location, the poses and expressions..along with the placement of each element.. on site or within the posting stage. I want to create that lush, warm presence in the curated landscape I’ve built up.. without being too far away from my own home. One day, I’ll have it down. The beautiful and editorial way of creating escapism. Just like Gary Pepper Girl, Tuula Vintage and Park and Cube.

Now you know why I take such a long, damn time to create a post like this…

I hope you genuinely enjoy this article!

Photography by: ARTIESE STUDIOS
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Baby, Let’s Shoot

J.Crew Cotton Off-the-shoulder Top
J.Crew Rayner Trousers
Lack of Color Spencer Boater Hat
Call it Spring Aralle Heels (On sale for $30!)
Massimo Dutti Suede Cross body bag

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Let me tell you… if you do decide to go out and shoot photos– don’t wear an off-the-shoulder top. Definitely not ideal as it’s quite difficult move around in with the elastic band around your shoulders being restricted. Cute yet not the most awesome idea for comfort and working efficiency.

On that note, I’m slowly being sucked into the “cold shoulder” trend. Considering snagging some dramatic ruffle tops/dresses. Maybe a piece in satin or silk if possible for a more elevated, chic, look. We will see…

On a “Chic Eats” note, I went to Smith (I totally dig their branding which Leo Burnett did and their site) on Church St. with my lovely blogger-pal, Vincent Ko. Ordered their crazy french toast, a massive and extremely dense stack of pancakes, accompanied by some scrumptious and bomb-ass donuts (which I highly recco getting if you ever find yourself at Smith restaurant.) Practically almost passed out after the big, carb, brunch consumption party…

Photography by: Vincent Ko

Subtle Saturdays

J.Crew Pinstripe Button-down Men’s Shirt
The Fifth American Girl Skirt via FSHNBNKR
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)
J. Crew Cyprus Sandals
J. Crew Panama Hat (Similar here)

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When it comes to the weekends, I like to blend in work, play and recovery all together. If you ever wanted to know what I do with my so-called two days vacation, especially starting with my Saturdays– I love to kick off the day by eating very well. And by eating well.. I mean eating a big, hearty brunch. Top it off with meeting new friends to network or keep up with old friends and family. Continue the day with roaming through the city, running errands, grabbing props for future shoots *HINT HINT* slash spend an unhealthy amount of time at flower shops… all for the sake of work right? But it’s okay because as long as you can justify it!

I had the pleasure of meeting up for the second time with Aney from Allure of Simplicity and we got to catch up and talk blogs and take ‘blogger’ food photos. It’s quite a different experience when you’re not rushed and the other person actually encourages you take longer with taking photos of your meals. Afterwards, we had a mini, impromptu photo session, followed by visiting the flower shop in my area for some cheap peonies. Who doesn’t love cheap peonies?!?!

For my quick brunch outfit, I ran out with a men’s shirt and tucked it in a fitting skirt to look somewhat put together. Sandals to keep it casual and comfy and a hat to shade myself from the sun, as well as tone down my what I thought looked like an office outfit with slippers. Voila! I look like a tourist running for a brunch meeting. I also realized only at the end that I paired stripes on stripes, and it seem to work out! I always find when you’re not thinking about the outfit at all, it turns out to be pretty decent. When you have a buttload of time to figure it out– I sprout one or two grey hairs..

Do you what that problem too?
How do you figure out your outfits– last minute or in advance?

Photo Assistance by Aney Mei


Sleeveless Trench


Banana Republic Sherlock Trench Dress (worn as a sleeveless trench vest)
Zara Stripe Boatneck Long Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo White Ultra Stretch Jeans
J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (used as a clutch)

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This year’s ‘summer’ weather in Toronto seems to act up pretty often I must say. If living in this city has taught me anything.. it’s the unpredictable power of the WEATHER. That’s not to say I don’t love my city, but seriously…

That’s why owning a sleeveless trench in my opinion is a pretty perfect piece to have in one’s wardrobe. You’re a weather-ready superstar! I got this lovely trench dress from Banana Republic and wear it almost everywhere as a sleeveless trench vest by leaving it undone when worn and without the belt. Why a trench dress you ask?– because it’s lighter weight for the summer (easy to layer with), it has a more softer structure in the way it falls on my petite frame because of the material and it doubles as a dress and outerwear piece! I got creative there, you see that? It’s a great piece to bring when you’re travelling and want to carry less as well as you can dress it up with a pair of distressed denim shorts for a Sincerely Jules look or paired with a semi-formal dress for a more 9to5 Chic inspired dressy, office look. This trench dress is a summer must have!

I’m hoping my staggering pace of improvement in posting more often on my blog is progressing well. Fingers crossed this continues since I have so many creative projects to share with you guys in the near future! x

Photos by: Verne Ho

*Side note: You’ll notice the drastic change in tones and photography throughout my blog posts because I wanted to showcase the photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, their personal photography style. 


Think Pink


J. Crew Regent Blazer in White Linen
Banana Republic Straight Fit Jeans (Similar here and here)
J. Crew Silk Front Tank in Stripe (Similar here and here)
Elsie d’Orsay Pumps in Delicate Petal c/o J. Crew
Ann Taylor Skinny Leather Belt (Similar here and here)
Zara Nude Cross Body Bag (Similar here and here)
J. Crew Ornate Stud Earrings


What better way to add chic and elegance to your looks…

Meet Elsie d’Orsay, the perfect kind of pumps to have for those warm days. Owning a pair in Delicate Petal already screams the epitome of feminine elegance and in my opinion the best way to celebrate spring and summer with open arms.

For those of you who’ve asked and wondered how I’m able to walk in heels all day, everywhere and everyday: the simple answer is choosing the right silhouette of your heels carefully.

For starters, the height and width of the heel is most important for visual proportions and support. The slender the heel, the better it is to go for short height. The higher the heel, the better it is to grab the one with the widest/block-like heel which supports your weight with each step you take. The slender heel of the Elsie d’Orsays is super conformable for those who don’t often wear heels and the silhouette is suitable for anyone. Second to that, the majority of ladies can also agree that pastel is just too on point for Spring and Summer. You can seamlessly transition from desk to dinner or to a casual outing with these pumps, at the same time add some feminine vibes to spruce up your outfit. In the form of a chic shoe fused with the dusty pink hue— neutral and versatility is an understatement. Take a look at Jil Sander’s beautiful FW15 collection below capturing the array of pink shades. Despite the collection made for fall and winter, I’m one who loves to mix and match and go with what I believe looks great. You can see the flowers in the background of the runway too right?

Jil Sander FW'15. photo from www.style.com Jil Sander FW’15. photo from www.style.com

If you haven’t caught me on my Instagram, I mentioned a week or two ago about my little project with J. Crew, and now it’s time to unveil the shoot I’ve done with blogger girlfriend-not-boyfriend, Therese of Artiese Studios.

As for my ensemble, I went for a casual look with the addition of the Elsie d’Orsays to elevate my look and incorporate a chic finish. Other than jeans, they go great with a stunning, bold coloured dress to contrast, loud print to compliment with accent of the light shade, or even paired up with trousers to elongate your legs with the trick of the nude shade to your feet— the combinations are endless. The cuts on the side of the shoe coming to the front point makes for a timeless and sleek detail. When it comes to colour, I’m not shy about it but as of late I’ve been sporting the neutral shades. In place of my enthusiasms and love for colour, I decided that a bold backdrop would be appropriate to contrast my super neutral and light outfit. Because who doesn’t love pink astroturf??

So… think that a pop of pastel pink is just too girlie for your wardrobe? Think again.

Photos by: Artiese Studios

Let me know what you think of this colourful direction for my posts in the comments below!
And have a wonderful rest of your week loves! x


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