One Year Urban Decay Giveaway

Hello lovely readers! The season of giving has passed and I’ve just reached one year with Pinch of Chic recently– I thought why not give back to you guys? 

It’s already been a year and I felt like it was only a few weeks ago. It’s kind of surreal to think that I’ve been attached to this place for a year and going strong! And the fact I gave it a birthday of some sort. Well… this is where the big ball of cheese comes tumbling down… I made this blog with the intent of being just a personal outlet to share my thoughts, work, and inspiration. Thinking it’s going to be like a second Pinterest. To have even the smallest audience to take the time and see, let alone write a comment and share about what I am thinking, writing and visually creating, or even wearing is huge encouragement, drive and joy for me to continue to further explore the creative spectrum and be confident with myself.  I want to thank you all, including family (shoutout to Mom who’s my number one fan!), friends, loyal readers, first timers, and the stumble-uponers; this is all amazing support to me, especially since it’s been a year now. With that being said– I wanted to do something generous back for my readers to show them my sincere appreciation.

Urban Decay SMOKED Palette

I’m giving away an Urban Decay SMOKED palette that comes with ten cool shades of eye shadow to create the perfect smokey eye, as well as the 24/7 glide on eye liner pencil and primer potion to prep your eye lids. All this comes in a super sleek zip up case to hold all your goodies. Retail value of $64.83

This is not a sponsored post

Here’s a repeat of the easy-peasy instructions but with quick links:

1.) Just simply follow my Instagram if you haven’t already.
2.) Comment on this post and tag 2 of your friends!
3.) This is entirely optional but it would be greatly appreciated if shared amongst
your friends and family.

January 28, 2015 @ 23:59 EST

As much as I wish to give everyone something great to show them my appreciation, I unfortunately can’t. For the rest this post… I would like to say that I will devote more of myself and time to creating content that inspire, hopefully influence you positively, as well as entertain you throughout the future on this platform. So…Thank you! xx

Happy One Year


A milestone I never really thought I would reach. Really though… this blog was my third or forth attempt and I couldn’t have been happier with it. I have so much to say but I feel that I should keep it short and simple. All in all, Pinch of Chic has been and continues to be my creative outlet– to show a side of myself and my work. A place for inspiration, personality and engagement. Here’s to the new year and to more new creative content to come! I am also very grateful for the viewers and loyal readers of Pinch of Chic! Not only are you guys my motivation to write and create but also the confidence in myself. So…thank you loveys! xx

PS. Thank you to my good ladyfriend Therese for celebrating my first “bloggiversary”
bunch with me today at Colette Toronto and for taking photos of me! x

J Crew Pinstripe Silk Jersey Tank
Club Monaco Varsity Sweater Jacket (See similar here.)

Stay tune for a *special update* on this very post!

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