Face to Face



The Fifth label ‘Face to Face’ playsuit
Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Western Boot (Similar here and here)
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses
PROENZA SCHOULER Black Calf-Hair Ps11 Classic Bag (Similar here and here)

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Thanks to mother nature— the temperature has dropped and so has my addition to wearing all white. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll see the tone in my photographs and outfits get a little more darker and I suppose ‘edgier.’ I like to think that I’m being more playful with my looks..by flipping back and forth between ultra femme, light looks with chic, vampy ensembles.

With dark ensembles, stems my love for black, western-inspired boots with cool engraved details paired with this sleek menswear-inspired playsuit. You can always pair this look with some nice, clean Stuart Weitzman nudist heels or some Zara pointed ballet flats with buckles

Got to catch brunch at a restaurant I’ve been longing to visit in Yorkville called ONE with my best pal, Vincent. Had the most amazing and rich Shakshuka, along with the most amazing crushed almond cherry pie. Would definitely come back for more of their desserts. If you ever find yourself in Yorkville, do grab a dessert dish or two from there. Next thing on my list would definitely be the S’mores sundae. #fatkidforever 



I’m going to talk about a weird, grey, blurry area that very few have uncovered answers to.. That first part was an anecdotal claim.

There’s an uncertain and overwhelmingly annoying feeling when you re-evalutate the relations you have with all the people who have come in and out of your life. Whether it’s an old friendship you may not have visited for a while or a fresh tinder date who you’ve gone out sporadically here and there. 

It’s completely weird for me to say because of the career I’m in that the digital landscape has caused and scraped the humanistic aspect of maintaining a solid and stable friendship or relationship. To believe that a simple ‘like’ or view implies you’ve given enough efforts in your relation is crazy. For social platforms— apparently a ‘like’ is sufficient enough than a phone call or text. (Can you tell I’m not that big into texting?) For dating platforms— we become more shallow and ignorant about the people we view and encounter. Simplifying dates into numbers, to skimming through your checklist of preferences, to ‘ghosting’ on people because it’s so easy to find another option and you’re too ‘busy’ to deal with confrontation. This cool ‘ghosting’ concept can be applied to friendships as well by shading replies with the ‘I’m busy’ response. I mean very well when I say that I believe it’s possible for everyone to be able to drop a quick line of text that speaks to either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That or you just didn’t make the cut on the priority list. Ouch.

Maybe that feeling could be described as ‘beating around the bush,’ or having the Dunning-Kruger effect aka the ‘I don’t know’ syndrome. Seems to me that not enough people like the idea of being upfront about how they feel or giving an idea of what they like in return because of the fear of sounding too sensitive and losing the ‘upper hand.’ I’m sure not all of us know what we want for ourselves but an idea to move towards sounds much better than absolutely nothing. I find it so hard to imagine that the rest of the world around me could possibly understand what I want or expect without me putting out some sort of lead or options. Now— I’m no psychic or professional psychiatrist but I consider myself a very reasonable and understanding human-being. I don’t believe that my age factors in whether I can relate to people or not. Experiences could shape my answers but that why there’s the listening component to having conversations with one another. 

It’s safe to say, or just plain obvious that a lot of people, young and old need to snap out of this world of guessing and brushing others off because of their ‘busy and un-relatable’ life. I mean— try me. I’m sure you’d appreciate someone who is more upfront, real and honest than someone who is aloof, sporadic, and maybe even sometimes inconsiderate. If our intentions and ideas, don’t align— at the very least, now I know. Right? This idea of holding back to see what the other person comes back with is a load of bull if you tell me. Let’s cut back the guessing game time and just serve the good upfront, just like the way you’d like to be served. #caseclosed 

Photography and handbag: Vincent Ko
Hair by: Studio 67



Elegant to the Bone

Here are my August favourites I’ve collected over month in preparation for the Fall season…

Finders Keepers Fold-in Trench / Fame and Partners Kenny Grace maxi slip dress / Roberto Cavalli Serpent leather small flap Shoulder bag / Jenny Bird Edie Medium Hoops / Calvin Klein Bell 85mm Heels in Bone / Anthropologie Cecie Sunglasses

Subtle Saturdays

J.Crew Pinstripe Button-down Men’s Shirt
The Fifth American Girl Skirt via FSHNBNKR
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)
J. Crew Cyprus Sandals
J. Crew Panama Hat (Similar here)

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When it comes to the weekends, I like to blend in work, play and recovery all together. If you ever wanted to know what I do with my so-called two days vacation, especially starting with my Saturdays– I love to kick off the day by eating very well. And by eating well.. I mean eating a big, hearty brunch. Top it off with meeting new friends to network or keep up with old friends and family. Continue the day with roaming through the city, running errands, grabbing props for future shoots *HINT HINT* slash spend an unhealthy amount of time at flower shops… all for the sake of work right? But it’s okay because as long as you can justify it!

I had the pleasure of meeting up for the second time with Aney from Allure of Simplicity and we got to catch up and talk blogs and take ‘blogger’ food photos. It’s quite a different experience when you’re not rushed and the other person actually encourages you take longer with taking photos of your meals. Afterwards, we had a mini, impromptu photo session, followed by visiting the flower shop in my area for some cheap peonies. Who doesn’t love cheap peonies?!?!

For my quick brunch outfit, I ran out with a men’s shirt and tucked it in a fitting skirt to look somewhat put together. Sandals to keep it casual and comfy and a hat to shade myself from the sun, as well as tone down my what I thought looked like an office outfit with slippers. Voila! I look like a tourist running for a brunch meeting. I also realized only at the end that I paired stripes on stripes, and it seem to work out! I always find when you’re not thinking about the outfit at all, it turns out to be pretty decent. When you have a buttload of time to figure it out– I sprout one or two grey hairs..

Do you what that problem too?
How do you figure out your outfits– last minute or in advance?

Photo Assistance by Aney Mei


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