creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN
photography VINCENT KO special thank you to
Tobi, Geox Boutique MinimalistGlossier
“that is the thing about selfish people. they gamble entire beings. entire souls to please their own. one second they are holding you like the world in their lap and the next they have belittled you to a mere picture. a moment. something of the past. one second. they swallow you up and whisper they want to spend the rest of their life with you. but the moment they sense fear. they are already halfway out the door. without having the nerve to let you go with grace. as if the human heart means that little to them.
and after all this. after all of the taking. the nerve. isn’t it sad and funny how people have more guts these days to undress you with their fingers than they do pick up the phone and call. apologize. for the loss. and this is how you lose her.
– selfish”
― Rupi Kaur

Stemmed from this very quote above is a feeling that is so relatable to so many, but brought up little in discussion. Is it because it makes us feel vulnerable and irresponsible for our actions when explaining to others? Or is because we believe that 90% people just simply don’t care? I question why concealing these kinds of emotions away from the public is being done while half the people feel uncertainty and depression from this.This way of feeling has reached me more frequently than I least expect it. It has made me question my standards, myself and my choices.

I would doubt myself after what I would say, wear or put out. I was judgemental and extremely critical of my own portrayal in public and online. What I delivered online became the foundation of how most new people got to know me before meeting me— Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and online dating profiles as well.

However, what we often do is forget to recognize that others may not be as considerate, kind and self-assured as you really are. The shortage of communication and all the assumptions from the other side are derived from cowardliness and the scarcity of consciousness. Typically, people are selfish because they, themselves, lack understanding of what they really want and have their priorities arranged in a list that simply doesn’t align with yours.


Dress c/o Tobi
ANNYA black Chelsea Boots c/o Geox
Leighton earrings c/o Boutique Mininalist
Leather black backpack c/o Hieleven 
Balm dotcom c/o Glossier

Daytime Jamming

April77 Judy Shadow Black Vegan Leather Jacket
Ganni Seersucker Silk Short Sleeve Shirt  (In blue here)
Forever21 black trousers
Ganni Court black pumps
Gavin Canning rosegold crane earrings

ZeroUV Indie cateye sunglasses in cream amber
Tom Ford in ‘Casa Blanca’ Lipstick
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Farrow earrings
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Slim ring
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather cardholder
Replica ‘Beach Walk’ by Maison Martin Margiela Perfume

Do you ever get those days where you just want brunch and be with the people that just get you? Or run out to do an errand and not give a care about how you look?

Nothing says ‘I love my weekends and just doing me’ better than ringing out the classic PJ-inspired shirt. It’s truly fitting for a casual and comfortable day to do anything. An effortless piece to convey a casual yet feminine feel to your look while simultaneously grazing the pj trend. Threw on a cool leather jacket to contrast the soft, airy shirt and bring some edge to the ensemble.

I just love my silky tops. And boy do I feel great in an oversized one.


I scored this amazing April77 vegan leather jacket as well as a shirt and pair of heels from Ganni at the Agency One sample sale.

Their Spring 2016 sample sale begins on April 20th, 2016.
That means…IT’S CURRENTLY HAPPENING NOW until the 28th!

The Agency One sample sale at LIVSSTIL
445 Adelaide St. W Toronto, Ontario


Photo assistance by: Jinah Lee @ SID LEE
Post sponsored by: LIVSSTIL x Agency One

Impeccable Pinstripes

Forever21 Pinstripe Navy Boyfriend Blazer
H&M White Scallop Trim Tank
Urban Outfitters Pinstripe Navy Pants
AMIClubWear Denim Ankle Strap Heels c/o (ONLY $13.50!)
Kindling & Co Baguette Horizontal Rings c/o
Kindling & Co Tiny Initial Dog Tag Necklace c/o

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Hello loves! It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last blog post. A lot has been going on in my life right now and it has shaped my schedule to be very restricting in terms of making time to write let alone photograph and post on my social media channels.

For the past month or so I’ve entered a new role at my new job. My new workplace has given me exposure to the other side of the city that I normally don’t ever visit because it’s all the way on the east end from where I currently live. This area I’m referring to is called the distillery District. Within this area includes lots of restaurants, stores, bakeshops and cafes. In this post I’m featuring a restaurant called Cluny. Here ordered the lamb veal with gnocchi and garlic bread as well as a burger. I’m honestly such a sucker for French restaurants that not only have decor on point but if food and I mean great food is involved– then it’s a ‘must-go see’ for me.

Can you tell that I’ve been taking most of my time or what time is remaining from my work schedule to eat well. But hey, you only live for so long… why not eat well, dress well and experience what you’d like to experience whether it’s with good company or good alone time with yourself.

I recently picked up called ‘love style life’ by Garance Dore. Within the early pages of her book she writes a snippet –” we want love. We want to feel beautiful. We want to be good friends, good partners, good sisters, the daughters. We want to know how to never buy the wrong pair of shoes again. We want to feel fulfilled but the work that we do whatever that work maybe. Most of all, we want to find our place in this world. And to be very stylish along the way, of course.”

While reading that little tiny snippet in her book, I found myself thinking about how I carry out my life to be this ideal lifestyle for myself or so I’d like to think. I now understand that it’s going to take a lot more than imaginable to reach this ideal life of mine while taking on so many roles as an individual. I also remind myself that there are mistakes to be made and big obstacles to take on which contribute to building a strong character and be one step closer to success.

Photography by: Carlo Calope

Soho Vibes

I think most of us have been there… Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s the vast majority who feels the same way about Fashion Week..let alone NYFW. Fashion Week for me is like putting #FOMO x #BROKE together for me. But don’t let the prestige of designer pieces or top bloggers mingling with celebrities and socialites get you down. Let this be a time to motivate everyone who’s not attending fashion week to be extra bold and experimental! Then you can blame social media and fashion week all together when you need a good excuse to wear that pink fur coat or that military hat I see Chiara Ferragni sporting.

Speaking of Fashion Week, my outfit here isn’t all that crazy (since I was just out for lunch from work) but I still love the vibes of the shooting location. I personally think that creating candid Fashion Week street style photos gives a nice change from lifestyle photos while also giving a little underline fierce tone. Who would know I’m still situated in Toronto instead of Soho? That’s the beauty creating your own images! xx

Outfit details below!

Q: If you were attending NYFW, what would you wear?
Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear!

Photos by: Carlo Calope


Ann Taylor Colour Block Coat
The Fifth Label Dress via FSHNBNKR (Similar here and here)
Forever21 Black Booties
Zara Blanket Scarf in Navy Plaid (Similar here)
Rox N’ Bunny Gold Monty Ring Set
Lacoste Black Tote Bag

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Simple Prep

Forever21 Pinstripe Boyfriend Blazer
Theory Women’s Pinstripe Button-Down Shirt
Forever21 White Shorts
Banana Republic Herringbone Wolven Skinny Belt
Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon Heels
White Straw Fedora (Borrowed from Therese)
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)

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Today marks a new day and a new chapter in my life. It might not seem like a huge deal but it’s my first day at a new role that’s finally full time instead of the usual contract or freelance work. I’m less of a headless chicken running around and look at myself more of a growing little lady. (The heels help a lot with this perception) I see my life having a little bit more structure in my lifestyle now, at the same time proposing challenges for me to discipline myself to make time for blogging (like early this morning).

To end this quick morning write up, I’m going to leave a quote below which I saw on my Instagram while commuting to work. I’m usually not for one for cheesy, lame quotes. (That’s probably a big lie but it’s okay) I’m painting a realistic story of my life, eh?

Anyways, It’s 8:45AM. Time to go go go! x

– Some Instagrammer that I follow on my feed

Photography by: Artiese Studios


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