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creative direction CYNTHIA NGUYEN
photography VINCENT KO in collaboration with MEJURI
“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t suppose to look nice; it was supposed to make you
feel something.”—Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park 


dress ARITZIA shoes ISABEL MARANT (here and here)




Dainty and Blocked


Here’s some web inspiration I plucked from my Pinterest boards.

1.) Albert by Caterina Bianchini
2.) Mappa di Ortigia by Studio Formagramma
3.) Sam Thies by Twofold Graphic & Web Design
4.) Minimal Mix by Liz Grant

All photos are not my own, c/o to the credited designers.

** Sneak Peek **
I’m excited to announce on this blog some little news. I’ve been taking part in a small fashion film project over that past couple of months as the art director for the short films and photography for the look book featuring Toronto-based designer Rani Kim and her FW15 menswear collection.
Alongside with director, Julie Hong and producer Claire Lee.

Below is a promotional newsletter I designed photographed.
Top cover photo was photographed by Claire and edited by yours truly.

Short Films COMING SOON!

That Remix


Giving some big lovin’ to the following:

1.) Lisa Hedge: Huge fan of her work. I bet you will become fan her too!
She gets brownie points for also teaming up with J Crew. Hehe.

2.) ODDDS for Salt & Wood Magazine

3.) Sam Lane for Eleanor Finch Photography

4.) Emma Dime for Eva Kolenko Photography

Happy Saturday and have a good weekend to everyone! xx

All photos are not my own, c/o to the credited designers.

Sid Neigum

WMCFW: DAY 1 Recap

In all honesty, I really didn’t anticipate on attending WMCFW at all. It wasn’t until a few days before fashion week was going to begin that my friend insisted me on going to experience the event for myself. With that, I decided why not..YOLO. I didn’t take it very seriously…In terms of… I had not planned for the event, I had not planned for my outfits..and I really had no idea what you were suppose to do.

In retrospect— Aside from the fact that Coco Rocha floated around my desk out of nowhere and exchanged words with me without notice the morning of, I would say that my fashion week kickstarted on a good note. I merely came out of the office in my work clothes and would walk over to David Pecaut Square where the majority of shows which I was attending was held. 

My first show was Sid Neigum. Upon my work schedule and last minute decision, my range of shows were carefully selected based on the hopes to make myself aware and see Canadian designers. The idea of going to a fashion show seems to be more worth wild seeing creative work over mainstream commercial clothes that i’ll eventually see in retail. 

Sid Neigum as my first show was not only a safe choice to go see but an amazing one. Keeping it real with the monochromatic palette, he has immensely optimized the results by mixing textures and experimenting with geometric forms. Seeing this makes me think— now that’s intelligent design, taking basic material and pushing the envelope with it.


A collection that seems to exude more with less.

Giving black and white a modern transformation, the attention and play with texture was highly predominant and effortless in detail. Sid Neigum’s line can be described as contemporary cool, laced with chic glamour.


All photographs belong to Cynthia Nguyen. 
Please ask permission before use.

Treasure Box

Banana Republic Bar Necklace
Banana Republic Matchstick Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Sparkle Bar Stud Earrings
Banana Republic Mini Gold Stud Earrings
Vintage Bangles
Mom’s Vintage Seiko Watch

I’ve alway been obsessed with interior design. What probably seemed like the best part in being an interior designer would be the opportunities to create a collective of stories in each space. I too wanted my space to captivate my personality and display many of my memories and be somewhat of visual biography. To own a collection of phenomenal furniture and decor, I would highly recommend starting early and continue to collect as you live. Each piece will mean so much to you and eventually will become a supporting piece to the next new thing you bring home.

About two years ago, I had brought beach sand from my trip to San Diego as a souvenir. My genius idea at the time was to place all the sand, mixed with shells in a maison jar mixed as a homemade paperweight. Not that it wasn’t creative enough, but I didn’t go through with that idea. Here comes the official DIY. Eventually I found this keepsake, vintage glass box with brass edges. My idea of a homemade sandbox-inspired jewellery box struck me and I went ahead and sealed the inside edges with a glue gun; this would prevent sand from escaping. It clearly isn’t the most practical storage box, but it had personality, atheistically contained and cushioned my accessories, as well as stored my short-lived memories from the beach. But then again, I hang my necklaces on picture frames, and cool looking wine bottles. I often time myself collecting small vintage perfume bottles– these too can be placed in the glass box. Think of these bottles like little messenger bottles found washed up on the shore. Jokes. (For those who don’t know me, I don’t frequently visit the beach. For 1.) I live in Canada 2.) A decent beach is quite far from where I am. 3.) Lack of time and effort to go there. The summer that just past, not once did I go to the beach or pool!) I sound anti-social but I swear I’m not!

After these photos were taken, I ended up placing the dried rose petals inside the box as well. Adds some more contrast and colours. The beautiful part about these displayed rose petals were their origin. My mom would collect all the red roses gifted within the family. Every occasion was not to be missed: graduations, birthdays, valentine days, as well as christmas. My mom still collects and dries all the roses and displays them throughout our home.

Seriously though, sometimes I wish we had much more longer summers and more attractive, clean beaches in Toronto. If there are any worth mentioning, please feel free to recommend to me. PS. Toronto Fashion week is next week! Let me know if you’ll be attending!


I know owning too many accessories can be a pain…
So I want to know, how do you guys store your jewellry?

Comment below, or even share links. I’d love to hear from you! xx
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