Glitter at my Feet

Melanie Lyn Tweed Coat (Similar here)
Audrey Flounce Dress via Fashionably Yours (ONLY $8!) (Similar here and here)
Danier White Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)
ZeroUV Pink Sunnies
Kindling & Co Baguette Ring c/o
Rox N’ Bunny Monty Rings c/o
Call it Spring COOLA Heels in Multi Metallic c/o


It’s that time a year! When the air around you starts to feel much colder and you start to see red and gold everywhere you go. 

With all this holiday spirit and winter rolling in, it’s no wonder we start to think of the cutest, festive outfit to sport at potentially your work party, S.O’s family’s dinner or just a night out with the gals to celebrate the beautiful holiday. I know when December drops on me– the first thing I start to think of are timeless, budget-friendly pieces, paired with something that screams ‘IM GLAMOUROUS,’ and ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ without being too obnoxious about it. I’m definitely not one for dressing up in any combination remotely close to red and green. But if you can work it, by all means!

For my outfit– I went with a flounce dress I scored at my local consignment boutique on Queen West, called ‘Fashionably Yours’ for a mere $8! Dressed it up with glittery gold COOLA heels from Call it Spring. I’m a firm believer that even wearing sparkles on your feet can make your entire outfit shine. Even with the most basic dress, top or skirt! The simple dress I chose to be paired with the heels makes a quick and effortless outfit for Christmas or New Years. This season is probably the only time where wearing glitter is urgently called for and is super forgiving if anyone who’s not used to wearing such sparkly items. For a little more lady-like silhouette, I layered my Melanie Lyn tweed coat, added some gold accent rings and grabbed a minimal white clutch. (Technically it’s my passport holder but it works for me.) Pink sunnies to contrast the sophisticated look and give it some fun, extra feminine vibes.

Photography by: Artiese Studios
Thank you to Call it Spring for sponsoring this post.

Simple Prep

Forever21 Pinstripe Boyfriend Blazer
Theory Women’s Pinstripe Button-Down Shirt
Forever21 White Shorts
Banana Republic Herringbone Wolven Skinny Belt
Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon Heels
White Straw Fedora (Borrowed from Therese)
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)

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Today marks a new day and a new chapter in my life. It might not seem like a huge deal but it’s my first day at a new role that’s finally full time instead of the usual contract or freelance work. I’m less of a headless chicken running around and look at myself more of a growing little lady. (The heels help a lot with this perception) I see my life having a little bit more structure in my lifestyle now, at the same time proposing challenges for me to discipline myself to make time for blogging (like early this morning).

To end this quick morning write up, I’m going to leave a quote below which I saw on my Instagram while commuting to work. I’m usually not for one for cheesy, lame quotes. (That’s probably a big lie but it’s okay) I’m painting a realistic story of my life, eh?

Anyways, It’s 8:45AM. Time to go go go! x

– Some Instagrammer that I follow on my feed

Photography by: Artiese Studios


Sleeveless Trench


Banana Republic Sherlock Trench Dress (worn as a sleeveless trench vest)
Zara Stripe Boatneck Long Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo White Ultra Stretch Jeans
J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (used as a clutch)

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This year’s ‘summer’ weather in Toronto seems to act up pretty often I must say. If living in this city has taught me anything.. it’s the unpredictable power of the WEATHER. That’s not to say I don’t love my city, but seriously…

That’s why owning a sleeveless trench in my opinion is a pretty perfect piece to have in one’s wardrobe. You’re a weather-ready superstar! I got this lovely trench dress from Banana Republic and wear it almost everywhere as a sleeveless trench vest by leaving it undone when worn and without the belt. Why a trench dress you ask?– because it’s lighter weight for the summer (easy to layer with), it has a more softer structure in the way it falls on my petite frame because of the material and it doubles as a dress and outerwear piece! I got creative there, you see that? It’s a great piece to bring when you’re travelling and want to carry less as well as you can dress it up with a pair of distressed denim shorts for a Sincerely Jules look or paired with a semi-formal dress for a more 9to5 Chic inspired dressy, office look. This trench dress is a summer must have!

I’m hoping my staggering pace of improvement in posting more often on my blog is progressing well. Fingers crossed this continues since I have so many creative projects to share with you guys in the near future! x

Photos by: Verne Ho

*Side note: You’ll notice the drastic change in tones and photography throughout my blog posts because I wanted to showcase the photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, their personal photography style. 


Two Blocks Away


Ann Taylor Crepe Colourblock Topper Coat
J. Crew Men’s Stripe Dress Shirt (similar here)
J. Crew Colourblock Cotton Wool Blazer
Banana Republic Sloan Fit Five Pocket Pants
ASOS Gold Arrow necklace (similar here)
Zara Black Pointed Toe Heels (similar here and here)
Danier Leather Black Handbag (similar here)

Ever felt the slightest bit of envy when you’re introduced to one of your new friend’s long time best crew? I’m talking about those who are in their late 20s, 30s, or even 50s and have been the best of buddies as a group since practically grade 2 and counting. Friendships that have grown longer than my own age— now that’s something amazing.

Living in the big city like Toronto, I found myself growing apart from those who I truly wanted to keep in touch with. Despite the ‘No excuse’ cliche which still holds tremendous amounts of truth, I still find myself struggling to try to find ways to rekindle or keep connected. I figured— friendships formulate from two sides. My side and your side. Seems easy right? Both sides should be understanding, accepting and should show some sort of amount of investing effort.

A couple days ago I met up with my one girlfriends who held the status of being my oldest best friend— the thing was I only saw her bi-annually and that did not share the same group of friends. We only lived 50 minutes away from one another as well. Could you say it’s our busy lives? ‘No Excuse.’ I only realized the severe lack of getting together until we met at the same restaurant which we visited from last summer. (Cafe Nervosa on Yorkville Ave) We both share the same love for eating a lot of carbs as a way to catch up… #loveitalianfood.

With all this being said I decided to make new goals to revamp my friendship and family skills:

1.) Make a list of people you haven’t kept touch with but would like to. New or old.

2.) Make a list of the cutest cafes, brunch or dining spots you wish to explore and hold your festive reunion at. Either in your city or theirs. Maybe just pick up a box of donuts and coffee?

If they happen to reciprocate, great. They are probably the kind where you can easily speak to and pick up where you left off. No change in feelings, but just pure excitement. If not, harsh but true— it’s time to move on. No harm in trying right?

3.) Get it together and toss them a text, call or Facebook message. Ask for their availability. 

You can gather from here whether or not it’s worth a shot to keep your friendship going or growing. Being almost 23 years old, I have already found myself weeding out people from my life—something I never found myself doing since I used to want to be everyone’s friend. But eventually you learn you keep the ones who care about you, your health, your sanity, your work, and who’s supportive of your wishes. 

**PS. I dedicate this post to my hometown girls.**

Photos by: Arnold Lan

No matter how far apart your friends or family might be, there are always ways to stay connected. Still count the brief yet great moments you share. That being said, I’m blessed to have the many strong friendships I have today and only want have them further grow and deepen them.


Apologies for the MIA. As it was my dad’s birthday this past week and wrap up in projects.
Happy belated Birthday to my dad. x

What are some cute ideas or ways you spend with your old pals?
I’d love to hear. Share them below! If you like for me to share more food posts with details.

Let me know! And PS. Have a good long weekend! xx


HER Wishlist



With less than ten days until Valentines Day, allow me to help you out of the hot waters with gifts for your significant other, girlfriend or mom! I like treating my mom too on that day– because it’s a day to confess your great love right? 

I’ve compiled a board with beautiful, classic, and essential items to treat your lucky companion. These are the few items I found online that I’m absolutely in LOVE with for quite a while. Some were even previous gifts that have been given by yours truly. From a timeless lip colour to everyday handbag– you can’t go wrong with these. Good luck! xx



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