The Fifth ‘Fall in Love’ Top
ASOS Black Front Split Pencil Skirt
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Luvaj Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings c/o
Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Bunny Hop Tote Bag

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Hello lovely darlings! I always tend to forget that the best places to be are the hidden gems in such a big city. Clearly those recent and constant rainy days got me thinking of more indoor places. Here in Kensington market, there’s just so much to be found. Countless patios, food, vintage goodies, amazing treasures and drool worthy vegan and non-vegan sweets! Don’t let the awkward location being in the middle of China Town fool you— this area has really cool vibes. I have to thank talented Mack Canelas for suggesting to come here, whom I also had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting via Instagram.

This whole blogger meets blogger or photographer over Instagram is quite the new concept for me which I’m quickly grasping and having a blast doing! (Thanks to Arnold Lan for kickstarting me into this!) I took the opportunity to share my foodie side and ran over to Bunner’s Bake Shop on 244 Augusta Avenue to try their soft served swirl cone and Moo Frites on 178 Baldwin Street for their Belgian-styled fries with Kimchi. Before you judge, you should try it, because surprisingly it was good and somewhat addicting. I actually couldn’t help myself…sneaking in a few sporks full at each stop on the public transit bus. What I wouldn’t give now to have something like that in Stoney Creek! I suppose I’ll just have to schedule in another trip to Kensington soon and spread the good foodie words to mes amis!

Photos by Mack Canelas


Bell Sleeves Gal


Urban Outfitters Bell Sleeve Top
ASOS Skaters Skirt
MANGO Strap Cord Sandals
Forever21 Brown Cross Body
Thrifted Brown Leather Belt
Goorin Bros. County Line Black Hat

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Hello lovely readers! I see you eyeing at my bag and scratching your heads. Trying to figure out ‘Cynthia got her hands on a Drew bag by Chloe? But how??’ Simple answer. It’s actually Forever21! If you haven’t already seen it on other bloggers then low and behold, this ‘Drew’ inspired bag from Forever21 is only about $30! In three different colours too.

For me buying and wearing affordable pieces is always a good idea when it comes to dressing up for music festivals. When you’re actively smashing into sweaty, incoherent people in the attempt to find space to dance at a festival, It’s good to know your Saint Laurent Lulu bag is safe at home and that you’re just ringing out a F21 bag.. that in my opinion looks just as good! The day which this outfit was taken was for the Bestival Festival in Toronto. While neoprene crop top with crazy cut outs sounds cool and all. I opt for the bell sleeves and skater skirt for a flowy and comfortable feel. The rainy weather actually got me into wearing a lot of black which explains a lot. Fingers crossed for rain-free festival days in Toronto!

What festival will you be attending or have already attended? Would love to see links to those outfits too! 

Photos by Verne Ho.


Four Monochrome Ways


Club Monaco Varsity Sweater (Similar here)
Urban Outfitters Mock-Neck Mini Dress
ASOS Midi Front Split Black Pencil Skirt
Thrifted Gold Tipped Leather Handbag
Zara Heels

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I guess the post should have been called four ways with the mock-neck dress. Oh wells..

Let me tell you, when I say this outfit can be worn 4 ways with the same items– it’s possible.

I started out wearing a mock-neck mini dress as a top piece that gave me a lot of upper coverage paired with a pencil skirt over for a more business appropriate place. A light varsity sweater to cover up the shoulders and take away from the fitted look, as well as go for the casual-relaxed look. Keeping in tune with this dark ensemble, I tossed on some minimal black heels.

From here and on… my outfit gets a wee bit outside my comfort zone, since I don’t normally like to prance around the public wearing skin tight clothing while baring my arms and legs. Surprisingly, not once did I go into a secluded area to change either. So call me bold..since I really just went for it and simply slipped off my pencil skirt in public. Something youthful and hilarious about doing that. From there I was ready to go out, with my sweater for coverage of course. I saved both the exposed arms and legs for for the rest of the later evening. Good for a busy Friday right? (I actually kept the skirt and sweater on eventually since the night cooled down and on top I went out for some good o’ Bang Bang Ice Cream) 

Versatility is something I really look at in a piece before buying. Can it be worn day and night? Every season? Every year? How about if I were to put it on top of this current item I already have? You get the gist of it. I’m all about finding items to build outfits on. Hope you get smart with buying your clothes too. Good luck!

Photos by: Arnold Lan

Ever worn a dress as a top underneath? Tell me about it below! x


Two Blocks Away


Ann Taylor Crepe Colourblock Topper Coat
J. Crew Men’s Stripe Dress Shirt (similar here)
J. Crew Colourblock Cotton Wool Blazer
Banana Republic Sloan Fit Five Pocket Pants
ASOS Gold Arrow necklace (similar here)
Zara Black Pointed Toe Heels (similar here and here)
Danier Leather Black Handbag (similar here)

Ever felt the slightest bit of envy when you’re introduced to one of your new friend’s long time best crew? I’m talking about those who are in their late 20s, 30s, or even 50s and have been the best of buddies as a group since practically grade 2 and counting. Friendships that have grown longer than my own age— now that’s something amazing.

Living in the big city like Toronto, I found myself growing apart from those who I truly wanted to keep in touch with. Despite the ‘No excuse’ cliche which still holds tremendous amounts of truth, I still find myself struggling to try to find ways to rekindle or keep connected. I figured— friendships formulate from two sides. My side and your side. Seems easy right? Both sides should be understanding, accepting and should show some sort of amount of investing effort.

A couple days ago I met up with my one girlfriends who held the status of being my oldest best friend— the thing was I only saw her bi-annually and that did not share the same group of friends. We only lived 50 minutes away from one another as well. Could you say it’s our busy lives? ‘No Excuse.’ I only realized the severe lack of getting together until we met at the same restaurant which we visited from last summer. (Cafe Nervosa on Yorkville Ave) We both share the same love for eating a lot of carbs as a way to catch up… #loveitalianfood.

With all this being said I decided to make new goals to revamp my friendship and family skills:

1.) Make a list of people you haven’t kept touch with but would like to. New or old.

2.) Make a list of the cutest cafes, brunch or dining spots you wish to explore and hold your festive reunion at. Either in your city or theirs. Maybe just pick up a box of donuts and coffee?

If they happen to reciprocate, great. They are probably the kind where you can easily speak to and pick up where you left off. No change in feelings, but just pure excitement. If not, harsh but true— it’s time to move on. No harm in trying right?

3.) Get it together and toss them a text, call or Facebook message. Ask for their availability. 

You can gather from here whether or not it’s worth a shot to keep your friendship going or growing. Being almost 23 years old, I have already found myself weeding out people from my life—something I never found myself doing since I used to want to be everyone’s friend. But eventually you learn you keep the ones who care about you, your health, your sanity, your work, and who’s supportive of your wishes. 

**PS. I dedicate this post to my hometown girls.**

Photos by: Arnold Lan

No matter how far apart your friends or family might be, there are always ways to stay connected. Still count the brief yet great moments you share. That being said, I’m blessed to have the many strong friendships I have today and only want have them further grow and deepen them.


Apologies for the MIA. As it was my dad’s birthday this past week and wrap up in projects.
Happy belated Birthday to my dad. x

What are some cute ideas or ways you spend with your old pals?
I’d love to hear. Share them below! If you like for me to share more food posts with details.

Let me know! And PS. Have a good long weekend! xx



ASOS Long Line Coloured Check Coat
Zara Angora Turtleneck (See similar here)
Zara Aztec Skirt (See similar here)
Ann Taylor Skinny Belt (See similar here)
Zara Aztec Ankle Strap Wide Heels
Fossil Rose Gold Medium Boyfriend Watch (See similar here)

Happy Monday! Can we all stop for a moment and see how amazing this coat is because it looks like the Stella McCartney one that’s right off the runway? (Photo reference below) Hehe.. I love it! Another item to add to my plaid collection for winter! I’m only really wearing 3 pieces– a turtleneck, a skirt and a coat (duh, because we’re Canada and it’s winter). Two pieces that have two very distinct prints and one, being the turtleneck to create some balance and contrast with the outfit. If you’re looking for nice turtlenecks and printed pencil skirts, do check  out Topshop and ASOS for those. The thing that ties it all together is the neutral shades they come in. Here’s the other thing… Use a skinny belt to create a waistline and perhaps some nude shoes to go with. Conveniently, I was in sheer luck to own a pair of heels that matched the skirt, so why not add an even more playful element to it?

In my last post, I made a point with winter being boring in terms of frequently seeing black coats, big boots, etc. Not that it’s a problem or a bad thing..Don’t get me wrong, you can rock it like how a lot of Garance Dore’s captured models has on her blog does. But winter should not limit someone’s creativity in their style. But as long as you own a couple turtlenecks, layer some long sleeves underneath, wear one to two wooly camp socks with your trousers or skinny wants to weigh out the top heavy layer you’ll be doing.. then I believe it’s okay to put down the parka.

Although this outfit may seem impractical on some days, make your picks with the weather! Because when I was out with this outfit, I was doing good. The only thing I would have probably switched out would be to some ankle booties with socks instead to complete the winter look and add some extra warmth to my feet. To add to this.. I was out for quite a while since I was using a tripod to take photos. Don’t let not having blogger boyfriend or photographer friends around stop you from shooting amazing photographs! But I’ll go into detail about this next time.

And there you have it! My not so typical winter ensemble. One that’s also chic and wearable for any date or dinner with your girlfriends. Since we’re also on the plaid trending topic, 
I’d love to know what’s your favourite plaid item in your winter wardrobe?

Have a good start to your week!

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