Minty Fresh


Vivian Chan Chriselle Top (Similar here)
Zara Black Trousers
Sophia Webster Bonita Espadrilles in Mint
Thrifted Vintage Handbag
ZeroUV Sunglasses

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Hello new folks and fellow readers! Here I am in the pixel and light, in a much more basic look. Aside from wearing your standard dress and skirts for the summer. I decide to get in tuned with my minimal slash casual side and toss on the most common shades– being black and white and spruce it up with my mint Bonitas by Sophia Webster. Which by the way, I’ve been dying to wear since I scored them for nearly nothing from the Net-a-Porter sale from last winter. (Pssssst… they’re having another huge sale right now too.) And if you know me well, you know I don’t put my heels down just for any pair of flat shoes.. And who could ever turn away from Sophia Webster? I remember doing one of those ground-shaking squeals of happiness that day I saw the Net-a-Porter black box at my doorstep. That day marked a huge moment for me– becoming a proud owner of Sophia Webster’s shoes. Maybe I’m just a wee bit biased since I’m secretly a huge fan girl of her work. No lie. I still dream of the day where I’ll own my own pair of Mila and Riko heels..

Recently, I’ve been going on this streak wearing all black for only God knows why.. on the hottest days in the city. I’m thinking it’s a good idea since I’ve been running around everywhere and wearing all black is easy. It looks put together and it gives me less stress about staying clean. Here, I switched it up with this beautiful shirt I received from Vivian Chan, an LA-based fashion designer known for captivating feminine nature and beauty in her pieces. Can I also say how great the sheer panels in the back are? Tiny details actually make my heart just go over the moon. Just like those fringe details on those Bonita shoes! As much as I like to think that my outfit was a pretty cool ensemble, the Chriselle top motivates me to find a white, full midi skirt to go with this shirt..or a white, silk accordion midi skirt. How pretty would that combination be? Honestly, these photos don’t do justice for this shirt…so I’m going to re-wear this top again soon!

Until next time kiddies! x

Photos by: Jamie Phongphilack


Think Pink


J. Crew Regent Blazer in White Linen
Banana Republic Straight Fit Jeans (Similar here and here)
J. Crew Silk Front Tank in Stripe (Similar here and here)
Elsie d’Orsay Pumps in Delicate Petal c/o J. Crew
Ann Taylor Skinny Leather Belt (Similar here and here)
Zara Nude Cross Body Bag (Similar here and here)
J. Crew Ornate Stud Earrings


What better way to add chic and elegance to your looks…

Meet Elsie d’Orsay, the perfect kind of pumps to have for those warm days. Owning a pair in Delicate Petal already screams the epitome of feminine elegance and in my opinion the best way to celebrate spring and summer with open arms.

For those of you who’ve asked and wondered how I’m able to walk in heels all day, everywhere and everyday: the simple answer is choosing the right silhouette of your heels carefully.

For starters, the height and width of the heel is most important for visual proportions and support. The slender the heel, the better it is to go for short height. The higher the heel, the better it is to grab the one with the widest/block-like heel which supports your weight with each step you take. The slender heel of the Elsie d’Orsays is super conformable for those who don’t often wear heels and the silhouette is suitable for anyone. Second to that, the majority of ladies can also agree that pastel is just too on point for Spring and Summer. You can seamlessly transition from desk to dinner or to a casual outing with these pumps, at the same time add some feminine vibes to spruce up your outfit. In the form of a chic shoe fused with the dusty pink hue— neutral and versatility is an understatement. Take a look at Jil Sander’s beautiful FW15 collection below capturing the array of pink shades. Despite the collection made for fall and winter, I’m one who loves to mix and match and go with what I believe looks great. You can see the flowers in the background of the runway too right?

Jil Sander FW'15. photo from Jil Sander FW’15. photo from

If you haven’t caught me on my Instagram, I mentioned a week or two ago about my little project with J. Crew, and now it’s time to unveil the shoot I’ve done with blogger girlfriend-not-boyfriend, Therese of Artiese Studios.

As for my ensemble, I went for a casual look with the addition of the Elsie d’Orsays to elevate my look and incorporate a chic finish. Other than jeans, they go great with a stunning, bold coloured dress to contrast, loud print to compliment with accent of the light shade, or even paired up with trousers to elongate your legs with the trick of the nude shade to your feet— the combinations are endless. The cuts on the side of the shoe coming to the front point makes for a timeless and sleek detail. When it comes to colour, I’m not shy about it but as of late I’ve been sporting the neutral shades. In place of my enthusiasms and love for colour, I decided that a bold backdrop would be appropriate to contrast my super neutral and light outfit. Because who doesn’t love pink astroturf??

So… think that a pop of pastel pink is just too girlie for your wardrobe? Think again.

Photos by: Artiese Studios

Let me know what you think of this colourful direction for my posts in the comments below!
And have a wonderful rest of your week loves! x


Suede For Me


Club Monaco Elizabina Silk Top 
Banana Republic Suede Mini Skirt via Kind Exchange (Similar here and here)
Thrifted Black Gold-studded Leather Belt via Black Market
Thrifted Vintage Coach Brown Leather Cross Body
J. Crew Hammered Choker Necklace (Similar here too)
Zara Aztec Woven Ankle Strap Wide Heel Sandals

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Here’s my attempt for a desert-Coachella-LA-vibes-western kind of look.
A combination inspired by WhoWoreWhat’s Danielle Bernstein and Lust for Life’s Olivia Lopez.

To further explore and take my art directing up a notch, I decided to change up my visual style to curate more interesting stories for my readers to see other than my usually expected whimsical and overexposed lit posts. Because change is good right? Or should I say variety.

This outfit was shot at Toronto’s Allen Gardens. Since the winter of last year I wanted to shoot at this location for a while but decided to wait until spring’s warm weather rolled in. I thought to myself… what area in Toronto would make the closest resemblance to California’s hot landscape? Or it went more like: where can I find a few palm trees? Even a bunch of Monstera leaves would do as well. In the end, a room full of cactuses was found at the green house and that seemed to do more for me than palm trees.

I currently have a mild obsession with cognac-coloured suede at the moment and have been trolling the internet slash lurking through countless vintage stores for brown suede pieces for a couple of months now. Next on the list… if possible.. would be to find a fringe suede jacket that actually doesn’t give me gigantic football shoulders. While on my search for a girlfriend’s birthday gift I was lucky to have found a Banana Republic suede mini skirt from the Kind Exchange, a consignment store on Queen Street for $30. Don’t you love it when you’re looking for someones gift but end up coming out with 3+ items for yourself? Regardless, this was a way better price for a real suede skirt compared to buying from Zara. (No hate– that was actually going to be my last resort.) 

Below, I attached some music by Alina Baraz to compliment the photos photographed from above. Hope you guys can see the Tumblr image x  Majestic Casual vibe here.

Just wanted to give a shout out to Dennis since it’s his birthday today. 
Happy birthday buddy!

Photographed by: Dennis Grishnin aka Mandala Beats

Speaking of Coachella the music festival… what’s your opinion on the trends showcased at music festivals?
Q: Is it just me or do you find that the outfits of today’s festival-goers are ignorantly using statement pieces from certain cultures? (i.e. headdresses and bindi gems.)

Let me know what you think in your comments below! x


Four Monochrome Ways


Club Monaco Varsity Sweater (Similar here)
Urban Outfitters Mock-Neck Mini Dress
ASOS Midi Front Split Black Pencil Skirt
Thrifted Gold Tipped Leather Handbag
Zara Heels

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I guess the post should have been called four ways with the mock-neck dress. Oh wells..

Let me tell you, when I say this outfit can be worn 4 ways with the same items– it’s possible.

I started out wearing a mock-neck mini dress as a top piece that gave me a lot of upper coverage paired with a pencil skirt over for a more business appropriate place. A light varsity sweater to cover up the shoulders and take away from the fitted look, as well as go for the casual-relaxed look. Keeping in tune with this dark ensemble, I tossed on some minimal black heels.

From here and on… my outfit gets a wee bit outside my comfort zone, since I don’t normally like to prance around the public wearing skin tight clothing while baring my arms and legs. Surprisingly, not once did I go into a secluded area to change either. So call me bold..since I really just went for it and simply slipped off my pencil skirt in public. Something youthful and hilarious about doing that. From there I was ready to go out, with my sweater for coverage of course. I saved both the exposed arms and legs for for the rest of the later evening. Good for a busy Friday right? (I actually kept the skirt and sweater on eventually since the night cooled down and on top I went out for some good o’ Bang Bang Ice Cream) 

Versatility is something I really look at in a piece before buying. Can it be worn day and night? Every season? Every year? How about if I were to put it on top of this current item I already have? You get the gist of it. I’m all about finding items to build outfits on. Hope you get smart with buying your clothes too. Good luck!

Photos by: Arnold Lan

Ever worn a dress as a top underneath? Tell me about it below! x


Like Mother Like Daughter


Forever21 Strappy Black Stripe Jumpsuit
J. Crew Etta Cap Toe Pumps in Jade (Similar here)
Ray-ban Polarized Aviator Sunglasses
Banana Republic Stud Earrings
Vintage Gucci Satin Shoulder Bag
J. Crew Panama Straw Hat (Similar here)


Melanie Lynn Perforated White Top (Similar here, here and here)
Melanie Lynn Perforated White Skirt (Similar here, here, and here)
Kenneth Cole Brown Sandel Heels (Similar here, here, and here)
Karen Walker Sunglasses (Similar here)
Movado Harmony Watch (Similar here and here)
Coach Madison Gathered Leather Juliette Handbag in Parchment White

Happy Belated Mothers Day to Everyone’s Moms and Mine too!

So last Sunday..

Because we’re not in Japan or into joining mosh pits of people at High Park to celebrate the arrival of cherry blossoms and Mother’s Day– my family decided to make a small trip to Niagara Falls instead for old times sake. Thinking the family was going to take some classic snapshots by the famous falls in Ontario, we stumbled onto a short path of Magnolia blossoms that seem to suffice in place of a ‘romantic’ (as my mother likes to call it) backdrop for blog pho… I mean family photos. My attempt to pull Faithfull-like photos with my jumpsuit didn’t come close.. but this seeing this area pretty much screamed photogenic mother-daughter photos.

In this post, I decided to include my mom’s #ootd, because ‘the apple really does not fall too far from the tree.’ With that being said, it’s kind of obvious to gather where I get my inspiration (and wardrobe pieces) from. She’s probably the reason why I suddenly developed a mild obsession with all white outfits and airy looks. Mom has not only raised me right and shown my unconditional love but she’s also a big supporter of my part time hobbies and is always looking out for me. Often, when she’s not asking me if I’ve eaten or tech support, she keeps on a lookout for items to share with for me to wear on my blog, pitches looks she’s pulled together and is also a ‘newsletter’ subscriber to Pinch of Chic. (Pretty sure she’s the only one who’s subscribed…but who really knows..) We’ve got this whole BFFL-kind of relationship down and pat… and I’d like to think I take full advantage of it.

How did you celebrate your Mother’s Day with your lovely lady?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

In light of Mother’s Day, I thought I would toss in a throwback photo of my beautiful mother when she was in her early 20s into the mix to celebrate and place emphasis on her practically immortal and ethereal beauty. Looks like she just jumped right out of Hollywood’s Golden Age era– agree?

While I’m at, I thought I would document this:

Sunday May 9th, 2015 at approximately 1:42PM… Marks the moment in history where my father asked me where the reverse camera function is.. on his Motorola camera.. in order to take a #selfie.

The outcome of this ground-breaking moment (in my life at least) is captured here on the photo on the left.

Until next time… x


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