Sleeveless Trench


Banana Republic Sherlock Trench Dress (worn as a sleeveless trench vest)
Zara Stripe Boatneck Long Sleeve Shirt
Uniqlo White Ultra Stretch Jeans
J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (used as a clutch)

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This year’s ‘summer’ weather in Toronto seems to act up pretty often I must say. If living in this city has taught me anything.. it’s the unpredictable power of the WEATHER. That’s not to say I don’t love my city, but seriously…

That’s why owning a sleeveless trench in my opinion is a pretty perfect piece to have in one’s wardrobe. You’re a weather-ready superstar! I got this lovely trench dress from Banana Republic and wear it almost everywhere as a sleeveless trench vest by leaving it undone when worn and without the belt. Why a trench dress you ask?– because it’s lighter weight for the summer (easy to layer with), it has a more softer structure in the way it falls on my petite frame because of the material and it doubles as a dress and outerwear piece! I got creative there, you see that? It’s a great piece to bring when you’re travelling and want to carry less as well as you can dress it up with a pair of distressed denim shorts for a Sincerely Jules look or paired with a semi-formal dress for a more 9to5 Chic inspired dressy, office look. This trench dress is a summer must have!

I’m hoping my staggering pace of improvement in posting more often on my blog is progressing well. Fingers crossed this continues since I have so many creative projects to share with you guys in the near future! x

Photos by: Verne Ho

*Side note: You’ll notice the drastic change in tones and photography throughout my blog posts because I wanted to showcase the photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, their personal photography style. 


Porcelain Walls


Babaton Galden Camisole in Black
Zara Black Trousers
Calvin Klein Gold and Black Suede Tote Bag
Dior-inspired pearl duel necklace via eBay
ZeroUV Sunglasses

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Nothing seems to get me more excited than going to new places and new museums. Got the opportunity to visit Aga Khan with my girlfriend Therese of Artiese Studios. Let me tell you it was the wrong day to wear black, hence why most of the documented visuals shows me hiding in the shade later. But the wall large walls definitely make it feel much more cool and Greece-looking than it really is. Regardless it’s a beautiful museum that celebrates Islamic art.

Wearing all black seems to call out several different moods and going to a space like Aga Khan kind of made me feel super minimalist– and that allowed me to put on my $1.00 eBay Dior inspired necklace which I thought I would never ring out because of the eccentric form. It has both this dainty and bold feel to it. The change into a minimalistic mindset also made me want to experiment with the outcome of the photos. So showcasing our trip in a more fashion editorial x street dreams mag manner seemed appropriate. I decided to also share from photos from the little trip we made. Let’s call them #BTS photos with what I like to call… what really goes on behind bloggers.

I think I’m going to continue sharing some #BTS photos to allow my readers to see what truly goes on and what a blogger.. using me for example.. seeing what I really eat and do. I only figured out recently that apparently some bloggers order food for the photos and don’t even touch it afterwards. Wow! Talk about waste… I might as well show you me eating Tim Hortons and challenge myself to make that look pretty Insta-worthy. Anyways, gutta keep it transparent!
Let me know what you think! x

Photos by: Artiese Studios


White Overalls


The Reformation Misty Top
Mango White Denim PInafore Dress
Yves Saint Laurent Wrap Strap Wide Heels in Icy (Similar here) via The RealReal
Ray-ban Aviators Sunglasses
arc Jacobs Limited Edition Bunny Hop Tote Bag

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Nothing screams youth and summer like rocking a pair of overalls.

To elevate the look and make it look more mature and feminine, I paired the pinafore dress with a lace off the shoulder top from The Reformation. (An amazing eco-friendly label!) Whether it’s an off the shoulder top or dress, I feel like the exposure of your shoulders is ultra feminine, sexy and still appropriate while still wearing some sleeves. It’s a beautiful area to reveal…including your collar bone. Baring my shoulders is one of the reasons why I look forward to summer. It’s a nice subtle way to show some skin for those hot days and add a bit of mystery.

For my style these days, I catch myself mixing unique pieces that feel different from each other. One day I’m very minimal, another I’m very feminine and classy, some other days I feel a tad bit edgy… overall chic I hope! I like to sum it all up and say my style is a collective inspirations. I still think in age and time I’ll become less edgy and more minimal with a hand full of romantic pieces, since I find basics to be timeless and easy to work with. I’ve yet to visit Europe and I have this strong feeling that it’ll heavily impact my style when I do get a chance to travel there. It’s funny because when I received the Misty Top from the mail, the first thing I thought of was a Barcelona inspired look, with an old chapel backdrop at sun dust, red lips, holding a oversized, cascading bouquet of greens– A shoot Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl would definitely approve of. Ideas for the next shoot I suppose. *wink wink*

Do you guys have a “off-the shoulder” top or dress?
If so, I’d love to see how you styled it. If not let me know what you think of the trend!

Photography by: Verne Ho



The Fifth ‘Fall in Love’ Top
ASOS Black Front Split Pencil Skirt
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Luvaj Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings c/o
Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Bunny Hop Tote Bag

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Hello lovely darlings! I always tend to forget that the best places to be are the hidden gems in such a big city. Clearly those recent and constant rainy days got me thinking of more indoor places. Here in Kensington market, there’s just so much to be found. Countless patios, food, vintage goodies, amazing treasures and drool worthy vegan and non-vegan sweets! Don’t let the awkward location being in the middle of China Town fool you— this area has really cool vibes. I have to thank talented Mack Canelas for suggesting to come here, whom I also had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting via Instagram.

This whole blogger meets blogger or photographer over Instagram is quite the new concept for me which I’m quickly grasping and having a blast doing! (Thanks to Arnold Lan for kickstarting me into this!) I took the opportunity to share my foodie side and ran over to Bunner’s Bake Shop on 244 Augusta Avenue to try their soft served swirl cone and Moo Frites on 178 Baldwin Street for their Belgian-styled fries with Kimchi. Before you judge, you should try it, because surprisingly it was good and somewhat addicting. I actually couldn’t help myself…sneaking in a few sporks full at each stop on the public transit bus. What I wouldn’t give now to have something like that in Stoney Creek! I suppose I’ll just have to schedule in another trip to Kensington soon and spread the good foodie words to mes amis!

Photos by Mack Canelas


Bell Sleeves Gal


Urban Outfitters Bell Sleeve Top
ASOS Skaters Skirt
MANGO Strap Cord Sandals
Forever21 Brown Cross Body
Thrifted Brown Leather Belt
Goorin Bros. County Line Black Hat

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Hello lovely readers! I see you eyeing at my bag and scratching your heads. Trying to figure out ‘Cynthia got her hands on a Drew bag by Chloe? But how??’ Simple answer. It’s actually Forever21! If you haven’t already seen it on other bloggers then low and behold, this ‘Drew’ inspired bag from Forever21 is only about $30! In three different colours too.

For me buying and wearing affordable pieces is always a good idea when it comes to dressing up for music festivals. When you’re actively smashing into sweaty, incoherent people in the attempt to find space to dance at a festival, It’s good to know your Saint Laurent Lulu bag is safe at home and that you’re just ringing out a F21 bag.. that in my opinion looks just as good! The day which this outfit was taken was for the Bestival Festival in Toronto. While neoprene crop top with crazy cut outs sounds cool and all. I opt for the bell sleeves and skater skirt for a flowy and comfortable feel. The rainy weather actually got me into wearing a lot of black which explains a lot. Fingers crossed for rain-free festival days in Toronto!

What festival will you be attending or have already attended? Would love to see links to those outfits too! 

Photos by Verne Ho.


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