Mi Villa

Ann Taylor Stripe Wrap Dress
Banana Republic White Skinny Belt
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Thrifted Shoulder Bag
Ardene White Sneakers

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Happy Friday!

I’m short with words for today’s post but filled with beautiful photographs. I found a little piece of Europe in Toronto I’d like to share with you guys. Nothing seems to scream wanderlust and holding onto my Europe trip virginity more than these photos.

I’m currently getting my ducks in a row so I’ll write more next time!

Enjoy my short and sweet post! x


Simple Prep

Forever21 Pinstripe Boyfriend Blazer
Theory Women’s Pinstripe Button-Down Shirt
Forever21 White Shorts
Banana Republic Herringbone Wolven Skinny Belt
Sophia Webster Jessica Watermelon Heels
White Straw Fedora (Borrowed from Therese)
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)

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Today marks a new day and a new chapter in my life. It might not seem like a huge deal but it’s my first day at a new role that’s finally full time instead of the usual contract or freelance work. I’m less of a headless chicken running around and look at myself more of a growing little lady. (The heels help a lot with this perception) I see my life having a little bit more structure in my lifestyle now, at the same time proposing challenges for me to discipline myself to make time for blogging (like early this morning).

To end this quick morning write up, I’m going to leave a quote below which I saw on my Instagram while commuting to work. I’m usually not for one for cheesy, lame quotes. (That’s probably a big lie but it’s okay) I’m painting a realistic story of my life, eh?

Anyways, It’s 8:45AM. Time to go go go! x

– Some Instagrammer that I follow on my feed

Photography by: Artiese Studios


Hello Honey!

GAP honeycomb sheath dress (Thanks Cassandra for this!)
ZeroUV Sunglasses
Zara Aztec Woven Ankle Strap Wide-Heel Sandals
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as Clutch)

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So summer is almost over since it’s now September. And I’m holding onto our weather for dear life. This calls for easy-slip sheath dresses, shades and polished yet funky heels…and super high pony tails. Kind of rare to see that, right? 

These photos were taken a while back when I connected with the beautiful blogger Joelle of La Petite Noob. My first blogger meet that I’ve initiated myself! Despite the meet was short due to the down pour that evening, it was super fun to click with someone who gets why you take flat lays of lattes or can celebrate your fresh blooms obsession. Speaking with Joelle definitely made me want to reach other with other bloggers and connect with them as well. Whether it was over coffee or brunch– it was mostly about getting to know one another on a girlfriends kind of basis, creating business ventures, bouncing ideas and collaborative projects and see how our blogging process came about. Some draft PDF layouts of their whole Instagram feed with backlogs of up to two weeks, others create hit lists of hot spots to shoot or reuse their photos as old as two years to fill up their feed. There would also be conversations that cover gossip on high profiled bloggers too! There’s quite a bit that goes into the blogger game and it’s just so darn fascinating to hear it from others themselves. 

Photo Assistant by: Joelle Anello
Editing by yours truly!


Feelin’ Fruity


Club Monaco Leta Sweater Tank
Banana Republic Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant

Sophia Webster Watermelon Jessica Heels
Silly B Intimate Bra

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Where there are days where I am feel like dressing up in all white or others where I’m head to toe in monochromatic tones.. there are also those spurts of time where I can’t help myself but wear bold colours. Aside from my soft palette and neutral wardrobe, I have the tendency to purchase bright-coloured, eccentric pieces and am only able to wear them a few times since it seems to catch everyones eyes. But these are the pieces that make your wardrobe unique!

I decided to pair my green Banana Republic Sloan-fit ankle pants in a bright green with these super fun watermelon heels by Sophia Webster. One of two of my favourite shoe designers, the other one being Charlotte Olympia! Sophia Webster has won my heart with her designs a while back with the release of her Rikos and Milas heels before she did a collaboration with J. Crew. Next on the list are the Coco Flamingo Pumps. Sooo wedding appropriate right? Kept it casual with a knit crop top and chicken cutlets for the backless design. And then we’re off to the races! I mean…. for pink lemonade and Matcha green tea ice cream!

Photography by: Mack Canelas


Subtle Saturdays

J.Crew Pinstripe Button-down Men’s Shirt
The Fifth American Girl Skirt via FSHNBNKR
Danier Leather Passport Holder (Used as a Clutch)
J. Crew Cyprus Sandals
J. Crew Panama Hat (Similar here)

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When it comes to the weekends, I like to blend in work, play and recovery all together. If you ever wanted to know what I do with my so-called two days vacation, especially starting with my Saturdays– I love to kick off the day by eating very well. And by eating well.. I mean eating a big, hearty brunch. Top it off with meeting new friends to network or keep up with old friends and family. Continue the day with roaming through the city, running errands, grabbing props for future shoots *HINT HINT* slash spend an unhealthy amount of time at flower shops… all for the sake of work right? But it’s okay because as long as you can justify it!

I had the pleasure of meeting up for the second time with Aney from Allure of Simplicity and we got to catch up and talk blogs and take ‘blogger’ food photos. It’s quite a different experience when you’re not rushed and the other person actually encourages you take longer with taking photos of your meals. Afterwards, we had a mini, impromptu photo session, followed by visiting the flower shop in my area for some cheap peonies. Who doesn’t love cheap peonies?!?!

For my quick brunch outfit, I ran out with a men’s shirt and tucked it in a fitting skirt to look somewhat put together. Sandals to keep it casual and comfy and a hat to shade myself from the sun, as well as tone down my what I thought looked like an office outfit with slippers. Voila! I look like a tourist running for a brunch meeting. I also realized only at the end that I paired stripes on stripes, and it seem to work out! I always find when you’re not thinking about the outfit at all, it turns out to be pretty decent. When you have a buttload of time to figure it out– I sprout one or two grey hairs..

Do you what that problem too?
How do you figure out your outfits– last minute or in advance?

Photo Assistance by Aney Mei


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