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Summer is the season of becoming…rather minimal. And bright for me. Fresh, alluring whites and playing with delicate textures. In attempts to stay cool by wearing lighter shades during the longer days, there’s also something very exciting about wearing all white. Could it be the triumph from staying mess and accident-free? The great achievement of looking luxurious without breaking the bank? Or just all above. 

Don’t tell me you haven’t celebrated at least once where you went wearing white all day while remaining squeaky clean. Cleanliness aside, wearing all white has basically become my go-to when I have no idea what to wear. It’s adaptable and presents me in such a way where I always look ready for anything.

Photography by Artiese Studios


“People are dying from overthinking. They fill their wonderful brain with harsh thoughts and it brings the body down too. Chances are no one thinks as bad about you than you.”

Zara white long waistcoat (similar here)
Zara gold double v-neck top (similar here)
Zara white flowing culottes (similar here + here)
Call it Spring ARALLE Heels in Ice
Call it Spring FLAXTON cross body bag
Call it Spring FRAYWEN sunglasses
Call it Spring BLASDEL earring set

Call it Spring NEELD ring set

For more similar options, see below!

Buckle Up

Club Monaco Simonettah Sweater Dress
Jenny Bird Silver Thick Choker c/o (Similar here)
LuvAJ Crown Hoop Huggies Earrings

Womens Lack Of Color Spencer Boater Natural Straw Hat
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses
Zara Black Strap Heels

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I personally never thought I would ever ride the choker bandwagon but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. Of course Jenny made it more enticing for me to ease into this trend. I mean..go big or go home, or should I say go thickkk-er? It’s one big, shiny neck party.

Thanks to Instagram for bringing self-documentation to a more “acceptable” level as we known as taking ‘selfies,’ it’s not a subtle catch while mindlessly scrubbing through Instagram to find a bikini clad ladies and young teenagers decked out in the hot 90’s trend, now that it’s gone completely mainstream. Can I say, Throwback Thursday? #TBT? #circa1998? I also died when I landed on a online jewelry site that had their hero banner headline read out ‘Chokers..The New Flower Crown.’ It’s true. These things are making their way back into every girl’s wardrobe, thanks to ITgirls like Olivia Palermo and major fashion bloggers slash social media influencers like Kristina Bazan and Chiara Ferragni. We also can’t forget media’s favourite model of the moment, Kendall Jenner. At first I found it weird that chokers were making a come back but now they’ve taken over the spotlight. First knuckle and armour rings, then arm parties, now the chokers that come in all sorts. Dainty stretchy cord with gold tips which you often see attached to newly purchased clothing to display labels and price tags, velvet ones, gold ones.. even ones that come with little charms attached at the center. Nudge, nudge..someone make interchangeable charms for their line of chokers.. Pandora? But hey, you can wear them everywhere now.

You might not be a choker-kind-of-lady…

However.. I’ll have you know that you can wear chokers with your swim wear, formal attire and night out..in the daytime at office. The creative kind, obviously. Think about it?

Creative Direction: Cynthia Nguyen | Editorial assistance: Paul Van Winssen
In collaboration with Jenny Bird

Little White Dress

Zara poplin collar dress
Aldo Cicci Heels in Bone
Banana Republic Mini Zip Box Crossbody Bag
Rayban Aviators Sunglasses

See below for my little white dress selections!

When the season gives you hot days…what do you do? Well, I like to slip into something easy, chic and visibly adorable. Or what I like to call a little white dress. I can’t even count how many little white dresses I own up to date..at least 7 of them. For those who have opened up the right half of my closet and are blinded by the number of white pieces I own– at least half are dresses and a quarter are dress shirts and tops.

Not that I have a problem against wearing shorts and tanks, but I feel that I personally can only run out in the pair if I’m actually going for a run. That being said, it takes longer for me to find two pieces that go together as oppose to slipping into one piece. Which is why owning a few white dresses for me works for me. Perfect for those work days at the office, summer date or brunch with your ladies and gents.

I’ve compiled a list below to my little white dress picks! The majority are also on sale.

What’s your go-to piece for the summer? Let me know!


Photos by Paul Van Winssen

Pretty Minute

Free People Women’s South Of The Equator Midi
Vintage suede long trench coat
ALDO Cici Heels in Bone

Lack Of Color Spencer Boater Natural Straw Hat
Tom Ford Lipstick in No. 03 Casablanca
Ellie Saab L’eau Couture by Ellie Saab
Kindling & Co Long
Y Drop Slip Necklace

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I have finally made time to post an article celebrating my big 2-4.

Because why wouldn’t I want to take this moment to dress up and be captured parading around my neighbourhood looking awesome? PS. Thanks Therese!

God, does it feel like scary that I’m that much closer to hitting a quarter century. But all in all– I’m blessed to be where I am, to be surrounded with the people I’m with and with the point where I am in life. I think it’s a great time to say…hello to another good year! There’s not a split second of a minute where I don’t think about another good thing to do. I’m going to enjoy being 24 while I’m at it. Say hello to more years of hard work and good memories to be made! x

Photography by: Artiese Studios

Daytime Jamming

April77 Judy Shadow Black Vegan Leather Jacket
Ganni Seersucker Silk Short Sleeve Shirt  (In blue here)
Forever21 black trousers
Ganni Court black pumps
Gavin Canning rosegold crane earrings

ZeroUV Indie cateye sunglasses in cream amber
Tom Ford in ‘Casa Blanca’ Lipstick
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Farrow earrings
Shanthi Voorn rosegold Slim ring
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather cardholder
Replica ‘Beach Walk’ by Maison Martin Margiela Perfume

Do you ever get those days where you just want brunch and be with the people that just get you? Or run out to do an errand and not give a care about how you look?

Nothing says ‘I love my weekends and just doing me’ better than ringing out the classic PJ-inspired shirt. It’s truly fitting for a casual and comfortable day to do anything. An effortless piece to convey a casual yet feminine feel to your look while simultaneously grazing the pj trend. Threw on a cool leather jacket to contrast the soft, airy shirt and bring some edge to the ensemble.

I just love my silky tops. And boy do I feel great in an oversized one.


I scored this amazing April77 vegan leather jacket as well as a shirt and pair of heels from Ganni at the Agency One sample sale.

Their Spring 2016 sample sale begins on April 20th, 2016.
That means…IT’S CURRENTLY HAPPENING NOW until the 28th!

The Agency One sample sale at LIVSSTIL
445 Adelaide St. W Toronto, Ontario



Photo assistance by: Jinah Lee @ SID LEE
Post sponsored by: LIVSSTIL x Agency One

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