Parisian Elegance by Guillaume Alan

Interior Designer, Guillaume Alan

Born and grew up in the world of architecture and interior design by virtue of his parent’s profession, and also due to his grandmother who worked as an antique dealer. All discussions, all atmospheres where he grew up obviously helped him and he rapidly felt the need to express himself, to create and share his own harmonies and worlds. He soon took the plunge and opened his own studio in Saint-Germain-des-Près in Paris, he was 24. At 38 years-old, based in Paris and in London, he counts among the ambassadors of the French touch in the process of gaining international recognition.

Q: How he has achieved so much success at such a young age in terms of working with high-profiled people and the projects he has been fortunate/privilege to receive. (i.e. Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford, etc.) What did his process to his present experience look like?

A: Guillaume Alan’s artistic sensibility has resulted in very close and powerful encounters with demanding and trend-setting clients who entrusted the young designer with the architectural design and decoration of many private places. His architectural work and collection give a feeling of great simplicity and absolute purity, concealing a ultra-precise mastery. He signs projects in harmony with the finest tradition of French design and décorateurs ensembliers: he signs the architecture, the interior design, the pieces of furniture (everything is custom-made and drawn out) and selection of pieces of art. Guillaume has been working with Emilie Le Corre since the beginning who is in charge of the Paris and London studios. She plays a fundamental role in the process of obtaining an exclusive outcome.

Guillaume and Emilie share the same vision of what is an extraordinary rarity. Together, they try to reflect their sensibility in order to arouse emotions, this is one of the main aspects of the stamp of Guillaume Alan and why Guillaume Alan’s interiors are unique and recognizable.

Q: His choice of aesthetic and style, how has his style developed and why those choices? 

A: Guillaume is attached to follow his own vision, his own instinct. He hates to follow rules or trends to draw the attention. He evolves in his own world, trying to exchange and to convey his own inspiration to his clients. He draw his inspiration from everywhere, there is so much richness for our eyes, or even from emotions. The simplest details often become a trigger point and lead to reflection.

Guillaume Alan’s references or masters can be summed up this way: “luxury, calm and poetry”. It is always about alchemy, balances guided by excellence. His architecture, as well as his collections of furniture, gives birth to calm and pure spaces, where luxury and rigor coexist without ostentation.


Special thanks to Emilie Le Core for providing the beautiful photos as well as
Alan’s responses to my questions!

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