Crazy for Love

Free People’s Crazy for Love Dress
Gap White Button Down Dress Shirt
Anice Stamped Initial Pendant Necklace
Danier White Leather Clutch
Vintage Gold Seiko Watch
Zara Black Thin Strap Ankle Sandel Heels

This was probably the last day that felt like summer before the cool Autumn winds blew in.
Time to crank out the trench and leather jackets. PS. Happy Belated Birthday Nancy! 

In other news, I shall present to you tricks and tips and mostly links to spruce up your wardrobe at a cost effective amount. For this #OOTD, I wore it to work and out afterwards (I’m lucky to have a flexible dress code at work– creative departments ftw!). It’s great for the beaches, light to travel with, you can definitely dress it up or make it a casual outfit for afternoon crepes and coffee in Kensington. I haven’t owned such an intricate piece until I grabbed this dress from Free People. For most of you that know, Free People is very expensive. I managed to grabbed this dress 1/5th of the cost (The regular price was about $200 or more…not including shipping, duties and taxes…ouch).

“But you can get this look for EVEN LESS with FREE SHIPPING. “

Found an item you love but it’s not fitting your budget? Always check other different online platforms– type in key words describing your item. Check sale sections of site with similar items, Ebay, SheInside, etc. Usually the website are American and haven’t updated the markdowns yet. I find that in-stores have their items marked down further and always check what the promotion is. 50% off Sale Merch?—That sounds better! I always tell myself…if it’s meant to be…it’ll come to you…at a reasonable cost. Always check if it’s a versatile and timeless piece. Can you wear it next year? Will it be out of trend? And last tip… look at the price. If it’s $30…can you wear it at least 30 times? Would your younger sister or friends borrow it? Counting the amount of wear vs. the price might give you a better idea of the value and worth of the item before getting it.

Photos: Nikki Tingson

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