Paradise Shorts (Veld Music Festival 2014)


H&M White Sleeveless Top
J.Crew Hibiscus Floral Shorts
K-Swiss  White Flats
J.Crew Stud Earrings
Anice Stamped Initial Pendant Necklace
Thrifted Coach Leather Cross Body Bag
Fossil Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch
RETROSUPERFUTURE Lucia Black Sunglasses

Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I started out with no plans for the weekend…to attending one of Toronto’s biggest electronic music festival, VELD, family gatherings and Electric Island on Centre Island.

To give you non-EDM folks a brief intro on Veld Music Festival, it’s an annual electronic dance music festival that goes on for two days in Toronto at Downsview Park. Who plays at this thing? Over 30 internationally acclaimed acts that play a spread of different sub-genres of electronic dance music which is also known as EDM, including Armin van Buuren and Calvin Harris. With that many acts going on in just only 2 days, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy at least one or two acts under the summer sky! One of the biggest reasons why I love outdoor music festivals and it’s totally sweatbox-free if you concert-goers know what I mean!

This has to be my third year in a row going– and I cannot tell you how much you’re missing out on if you don’t end up attending this festival next year. Think of it as the smaller scale and Canadian version of Tomorrowland. Youtube that right now! Just because… us Canadians love to have just as much of a good time if not more than any European! It’s funny how many people I met at the festival who’ve travelled from all over the States as well.

Here’s the odd ball part you might pick at me for.. is that so far for every year I’ve attended, I’ve gotten lost. Not because I was excessively inebriated or anything. Most likely because of my petite 5’0 frame sifting through the sea of about 30,000 people. In a matter of minutes, I ended up meeting so many amazing people in the process. Call it ‘because you’re an introvert and you can talk my way into a friendship in less than 5 seconds.’ but I’m reassuring you that you’re bound to make some lovely friendships with people all around with the music in the air! VELD is just one of those events you should probably attend at least once if you’re living in Ontario or just stopping by just to experience one of Toronto’s most live nightlife events and enhance your summer by just doing so, even if you don’t really listen to the music. It’s all about the experience! The extra exciting part for this year…. Armin van Buuren played. And for me, that’s hitting a soft spot I have for trance music. Props to anyone who went to his show in May 2013! On Day 1 / Saturday: Those that played alongside the king of trance (AvB) included Ingrosso, Bingo Players and W&W. For Day 2, the likes of Tommy Trash, ZEDD and Calvin Harris joined in to celebrate the last day of the Canadian festival.

I’d like to also thank my buddy Jamie Phongphilack, for everything! From capturing the highlights to making my weekend productive and great. Kept my outfit pretty simple with the white shirt contrasting the shorts. (Sorry Neon Bros and Gals!) Thankfully I didn’t get rained on! I advise anyone new attending a music festival to dress super comfortable and probably not in white since you might mysteriously get coloured paint on from some ambiguous party-goer. Flat shoes are a must! The kind you might want to throw away after! Wish I had brought a chambray for after the festival since the temperature dropped– You know when you’re in Canada when it’s cold in August, right? Or the fact it hailed the day before the music event. Overall, I got to see Armin van Buuren again and Maya Jane Coles on Monday. x

Photography by Jamie Phongphilack


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