March Favourites

1. J. Crew Eyelet Baseball Cap / 2. Ann Taylor Petite Shirttail Hem Sleeveless Dress / 3. J. Crew Floral Pastel Statement Necklace / 4. Ann Taylor Graphic Check Roll Sleeve Shirt / 5. Ann Taylor Petite Kaleidoscope Skirt / 6. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak / 7. J. Crew Colourblock Baseball Cap  / 8. J. Crew White Stones Necklace / 9. Ann Taylor Embellished Cami / 10. Ann Taylor Pleated Colorblock Sweater Skirt /
11. Y.U.E – Pocket Backpack in Natural Raw

As you can see Ann Taylor and J. Crew can potentially save you from having a SS’14 wardrobe meltdown. I have an ongoing obsession with neutrals, colour blocking and blue. Of course, I don’t advise anyone to buy these things at full price, that’s my advice. But if you can’t wait, by all means! I say wait for them to be marked down once or twice, PLUS with the additional 40% or 50% off that price. A good shopper is a happy shopper right? I know that the J. Crew Floral Pastel Statement Necklace is one sale right now at $138 from $174…with 30% off, it’s $96.60. Still pretty steep for me and most people but a lot better than the original price!

In additional to the Crew product talk, I’m currently working on an editorial project, which includes hand illustrated images of all those pretty things.
*Check above, after the March Picks*

And since we’re also on the topic about illustration, I’d like to show you my good friend, Sara Eshak‘s illustration inspired by my previous blog post that featured my Zara Aztec printed wide-heeled sandals. She’s a Hamilton-based fashion illustrator, graphic designer and photographer. Talk about Jack-of-all-trades much?
Check her site and Society6 for more!

Credit for the black and white pattern photograph in
the background goes to Christoph Hermann.

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