New Year, New Beginnings

Melanie Lynn Tweed Coat
American Eagle Denim Buttondown
Banana Republic Jeans
J Crew Wild Flower Necklace
J Crew Aggie Suede Ankle Booties

It’s 2014, folks! Happy New Year. I thought I would try again– making this blog my personal outlet. For the past few months, I went through some struggles keeping up with Steel Oneself and loosing touch with photography, since I no longer live in Hamilton and going through graduation school this year. I will still continue to update Steel Oneself, but not as often as I can on here. A new start is exactly what I need. It’s also very refreshing! Now that I reside in Toronto, it’s more convenient to have this platform– where I can share my thoughts, creatives and photos. Hope you guys enjoy my first post! x

Photos: Sameen Sheikh

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