The Fifth label ‘Face to Face’ playsuit
Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Western Boot (Similar here and here)
Rayban Aviator Sunglasses
PROENZA SCHOULER Black Calf-Hair Ps11 Classic Bag (Similar here and here)

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Thanks to mother nature— the temperature has dropped and so has my addition to wearing all white. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll see the tone in my photographs and outfits get a little more darker and I suppose ‘edgier.’ I like to think that I’m being more playful with my flipping back and forth between ultra femme, light looks with chic, vampy ensembles.

With dark ensembles, stems my love for black, western-inspired boots with cool engraved details paired with this sleek menswear-inspired playsuit. You can always pair this look with some nice, clean Stuart Weitzman nudist heels or some Zara pointed ballet flats with buckles

Got to catch brunch at a restaurant I’ve been longing to visit in Yorkville called ONE with my best pal, Vincent. Had the most amazing and rich Shakshuka, along with the most amazing crushed almond cherry pie. Would definitely come back for more of their desserts. If you ever find yourself in Yorkville, do grab a dessert dish or two from there. Next thing on my list would definitely be the S’mores sundae. #fatkidforever 



I’m going to talk about a weird, grey, blurry area that very few have uncovered answers to.. That first part was an anecdotal claim.

There’s an uncertain and overwhelmingly annoying feeling when you re-evalutate the relations you have with all the people who have come in and out of your life. Whether it’s an old friendship you may not have visited for a while or a fresh tinder date who you’ve gone out sporadically here and there. 

It’s completely weird for me to say because of the career I’m in that the digital landscape has caused and scraped the humanistic aspect of maintaining a solid and stable friendship or relationship. To believe that a simple ‘like’ or view implies you’ve given enough efforts in your relation is crazy. For social platforms— apparently a ‘like’ is sufficient enough than a phone call or text. (Can you tell I’m not that big into texting?) For dating platforms— we become more shallow and ignorant about the people we view and encounter. Simplifying dates into numbers, to skimming through your checklist of preferences, to ‘ghosting’ on people because it’s so easy to find another option and you’re too ‘busy’ to deal with confrontation. This cool ‘ghosting’ concept can be applied to friendships as well by shading replies with the ‘I’m busy’ response. I mean very well when I say that I believe it’s possible for everyone to be able to drop a quick line of text that speaks to either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. That or you just didn’t make the cut on the priority list. Ouch.

Maybe that feeling could be described as ‘beating around the bush,’ or having the Dunning-Kruger effect aka the ‘I don’t know’ syndrome. Seems to me that not enough people like the idea of being upfront about how they feel or giving an idea of what they like in return because of the fear of sounding too sensitive and losing the ‘upper hand.’ I’m sure not all of us know what we want for ourselves but an idea to move towards sounds much better than absolutely nothing. I find it so hard to imagine that the rest of the world around me could possibly understand what I want or expect without me putting out some sort of lead or options. Now— I’m no psychic or professional psychiatrist but I consider myself a very reasonable and understanding human-being. I don’t believe that my age factors in whether I can relate to people or not. Experiences could shape my answers but that why there’s the listening component to having conversations with one another. 

It’s safe to say, or just plain obvious that a lot of people, young and old need to snap out of this world of guessing and brushing others off because of their ‘busy and un-relatable’ life. I mean— try me. I’m sure you’d appreciate someone who is more upfront, real and honest than someone who is aloof, sporadic, and maybe even sometimes inconsiderate. If our intentions and ideas, don’t align— at the very least, now I know. Right? This idea of holding back to see what the other person comes back with is a load of bull if you tell me. Let’s cut back the guessing game time and just serve the good upfront, just like the way you’d like to be served. #caseclosed 

Photography and handbag: Vincent Ko
Hair by: Studio 67



East coast mussels, fennel, cider, fresh herbs and grilled bread

Venison, pork, mustard and grilled bread

Lentils, apple, spinach and créme fraîche

Ratatouille, olive, feta, and lamb jus

And of course wine!

Many thanks goes to the staff at La Société,
Andrew, Julia and Justin for the dinner. 

Photography by yours truly

To point out at the title of this post…I thought it was quite fitting considering I went to brunch looking like this. Wouldn’t tone it down one bit either! #girlboss #alittlebitlame

Le Chateau Double Weave Notch Collar Wrap Coat
Anthropologie Laced Funnelneck Pullover
Urban Outfitters Porter Slouchy Ankle Pants
Zara Leather High Heels (Similar here + here)

Special thanks to Le Chateau for the coat.
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Sometimes….Actually most of my evenings.. I find myself spending a lot of time in bed after work. Whether it’s laying on my side scouring Instagram and the interweb for relevant and irrelevant reads on my phone or other than editing… sitting hunch-back hamster-style in my blanket while hovering over my laptop doing the same thing.

I spend a lot of time doing researching and compiling countless mood boards…kickstarting my wonderful budding ideas, planning shoots, feeling out my creative industry and seeing who’s doing what, how they’re doing it and how can I get there in a similar way. I ask myself: ‘How can I fuel this burning desire for creative and success?’ Because how I see it… comparison is the death of creativity and passion. There are times where you really drown in the body of great work accomplished by others— that you forget where you left off. At that moment, you really need to check up on yourself. When you’re halfway through an idea or production of a project, you might find yourself tired or distracted when you view other work that doesn’t belong to you. This is where I try to steer my headspace and ask myself ‘why are you doing this?’ Because no entrepreneur doesn’t feel this way.

Other questions I have the tendency of asking myself are How do I become better blogger? Or a better photographer and UX designer? Or better yet… entrepreneur?’ ‘How can I quantify social interaction other than using online analytics tools?

For one… blogging was never glorified before. The fine arts wasn’t as valued as studying medicine or engineering. Today, becoming a successful blogger is much more accessible and easier to get into the tech and fashion industry as long as you can carry the weight of social under your belt. With third party platforms which connect influencers to readers or brands to influencers, or the mere objective to grow a successful following on Instagram rather than your blog, it makes more challenging for others to favour you. What a f*cking mountain to climb, eh? This kind of line of work is competitive and expensive but it also should be truthful. Our job is to make it look glamorous but in reality it’s actually a ton of work… don’t forget the emotionally draining aspect when you’re doing most of the labour.

You have to love your work and the craft that you do to be able to fully complete anything— may it be thoughts, award-winning ideas, or the making of a project. Much like having a relationship with your craft. In this case it would be photography, design, creative directing and writing. When you’re pushing yourself to understand why you’re doing this, you’ll eventually arrive at the peak of creativity and the need of why. These reasons become your supportive rationale. When you choose to push yourself to think about why you are doing that, you arrive back to creativity. You should fuel your curiosity. With that in mind, it’ll eventually push you to practice and reach out. Remember how happy you are when you have fun and the progression you develop. For me, I try to be extremely cautious about how frequently I complain. This usually happens when I’m by myself rather than with others. Reality is, you will miss your weekends and evenings because it’s not just a part-time endeavour. If anything, your creative work is practically integrated in your life. In the choices you make when you dress up, the places you go, the nice furniture you pick up for your home or even the kind of food you want to eat while considering how aesthetic would it look under the iPhone camera. I live in abundance with ample of inspiration and triggers around me; therefore in retrospect, I should never feel sorry about myself.

Does the value of your self-worth and happiness spill from your job?’ – Susan Hang

Photography by: Artiese Studios

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PS. Happy International Women’s Day! 
Google says: Share your #OneDayIWill to celebrate this day.

Forever21 Pinstripe Navy Boyfriend Blazer
H&M White Scallop Trim Tank
Urban Outfitters Pinstripe Navy Pants
AMIClubWear Denim Ankle Strap Heels c/o (ONLY $13.50!)
Kindling & Co Baguette Horizontal Rings c/o
Kindling & Co Tiny Initial Dog Tag Necklace c/o

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Hello loves! It’s been quite a while since I wrote my last blog post. A lot has been going on in my life right now and it has shaped my schedule to be very restricting in terms of making time to write let alone photograph and post on my social media channels.

For the past month or so I’ve entered a new role at my new job. My new workplace has given me exposure to the other side of the city that I normally don’t ever visit because it’s all the way on the east end from where I currently live. This area I’m referring to is called the distillery District. Within this area includes lots of restaurants, stores, bakeshops and cafes. In this post I’m featuring a restaurant called Cluny. Here ordered the lamb veal with gnocchi and garlic bread as well as a burger. I’m honestly such a sucker for French restaurants that not only have decor on point but if food and I mean great food is involved– then it’s a ‘must-go see’ for me.

Can you tell that I’ve been taking most of my time or what time is remaining from my work schedule to eat well. But hey, you only live for so long… why not eat well, dress well and experience what you’d like to experience whether it’s with good company or good alone time with yourself.

I recently picked up called ‘love style life’ by Garance Dore. Within the early pages of her book she writes a snippet –” we want love. We want to feel beautiful. We want to be good friends, good partners, good sisters, the daughters. We want to know how to never buy the wrong pair of shoes again. We want to feel fulfilled but the work that we do whatever that work maybe. Most of all, we want to find our place in this world. And to be very stylish along the way, of course.”

While reading that little tiny snippet in her book, I found myself thinking about how I carry out my life to be this ideal lifestyle for myself or so I’d like to think. I now understand that it’s going to take a lot more than imaginable to reach this ideal life of mine while taking on so many roles as an individual. I also remind myself that there are mistakes to be made and big obstacles to take on which contribute to building a strong character and be one step closer to success.

Photography by: Carlo Calope

So the lovely challenge here was to send myself to 5 different eating locations around Toronto using the Ritual native app and eat meals that pertained or at least was fitting to have during the Autumn season. Here we go…

1.) The One That Got Away

Order the fried Halibut wrap with a side of salad and a guava pop! This marked the taking of my Ritual virginity. Allow me to attempt to string together a coherent explanation as to why I got this.. When I think of Autumn… I think of sweater weather…and fishing on a boat on a crisp, golden afternoon (not that I’ve ever gone fishing before… LOL.) Which lead me to believe that getting fish and chips would equate to good meal to have in the Autumn. I came pretty close to getting fish and chips but opt. for a fish wrap instead.

The fish tasted good here– would go again. It honestly beats any form of cooked fish from Joey’s, Moxie’s, Grand Electric or Wilbur (I still love your free little salsas, Wilbur!) In a nutshell, my fish wrap resembled how good the lobster and baja fish tacos served at El Catrin in the Distillery tastes.. but that’s just me!

581 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M1


2.) The Loving Hut

For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian: this is a must go-to. I ordered the Spicy Tango and orange creamsicle vegan cake. Honestly, I had wished I ordered Pad Thai instead but I decided to be a little too adventurous and grabbed the ‘Spicy Tango,’ despite the server encouraging me that it wasn’t the most popular item on the menu. 😅😅 The entree wasn’t terrible, but I guess now I know that soy bean curls really isn’t my thing.

As for the cake, what I thought I saw was carrot cake which seemed appropriate to have in the middle of Autumn, aside from pumpkin spiced cakes.. was actually an orange creamsicle cake. I found myself eating more of the cake with my white jasmine tea than my soy curls.

140 Spadina Ave A101, Toronto, ON M5V 2L4


3.) Balzac’s Coffee Roast Cafe

Nothing beats a nice cup, or should I say bowl?.. Of vanilla latte and a nice almond-nutella croissant. Perfect hit in the spot for early, brisk mornings. No complaints, no regrets, just happily caffeinated and content.

1 Trinity St, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4


4.) Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen

I mean… the food in the photos don’t just look great, they taste amazing as well. For me, I tend to eat more carbs during the colder days. Could it be, it’s because I’m trying to gather more than I need and then hibernate? Quite possibly… Or just because the taste and idea of Italian food sounds really warm, cozy and inviting to me. I also have my two girlfriends I work with to back me up on this one.

We ordered the Grosso Panini (salami, capicollo, mortadella, provolone, Italian cole slaw, hot giardiniera, house mayo), Pasquale Pizza (freshly crushed tomatoes, fi or di latte, spicy salami, sautéed onions, asiago), Alla Vodka Pasta (penne, bacon, green onions, creamy tomato vodka sauce) and I got myself a vanilla latte as well… because why not?

*Note: I would like to make a point for anyone who happens to make drink orders from Ritual to remember to click on the drink size after selecting the drink on the menu. I made the mistake of not choosing the size after picking the kind of drink I wanted and went ahead to pick the flavour and additions like cream or milk. Because I forgot this part… my drink order ended up processing as a side of milk and vanilla with no actual latte.

My girlfriends and I pretty much inhaled almost everything on each plate. Enough said.

294 Richmond St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4S8


5.) King Rustic

The name of this restaurant kind of did it for me. I like to be where the rustic and charming nooks and hidden gems are during the Fall season I suppose. This place was on the way home from work and the menu sounded like they do great Italian dishes too… Surprised yet?

During this time, I actually used the Ritual app to do pick up after a long day of work. Normally, I would call in advance after ordering to request to sit down instead. The packaged food was nothing short in the taste and goodness. I had half the burger and fries the next day and it still tasted great– lots of flavours, and lots of avocado to enjoy. I’ve had my fair share of burgers but this one honestly takes the cake. 

I ordered the Manchego Burger (lean ground chuck, fries manchego cheese, chimichurri, aioli, avocado, pico de gallo, garlic mayo, argula and on a bakers bun) that comes with a side of beautifully season sweet potato fries as well as the Raspberry Bliss salad which consists of sautéed mushrooms, red peppers, toasted walnuts, cranberries, goat cheese, crisp raw baby spinach, raspberry vinaigrette… Since there was a little hiccup with the Ritual app: I had originally ordered the ravioli on the menu that happened to be sold out, (during this time frame, I didn’t receive a notification that it was sold out until I got to the restaurant) the staff at King Rustic were kind enough to toss in an amazing butternut squash soup along with my re-order. I’m a huge fan of butternut squash, let alone in soup form where it allows me to drink it like water.

926 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V

To end this review, I would like to conclude that King Rustic’s food really stole my heart in terms of taste and atmosphere (had the opportunity to scope out the place during my wait for my re-order.) I had the food over the span of three days since it was a fairly large amount for me to personally finish– despite the timing, the meals were still pretty awesome. Other than what’s mentioned above in my previous blurbs… food ordering was definitely made easier, quick and efficient through Ritual.

Thanks to Ritual for cutting the line and waiting time– not to mention helping me make walletless transactions. 


This is a sponsored post by Ritual Co. (Thanks Sarah!)
All Photography done by yours truly.